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New Zealand: Chinese sex workers claim to be Korean, Japanese as as clients avoiding them like virus

Chinese sex workers are claiming to be Korean, Japanese or simply Asian in their online advertisements as clients give them a wide berth amid coronavirus fears.

One Chinese sex worker, who spoke to the Herald on the condition of anonymity, said she had edited her nationality from Chinese to Asian in two sex directory advertisements online.

“Business is way down and it’s never been this bad before,” said the Chinese sex worker, who advertises on newzealandgirls.co.nz

She is a New Zealand resident and has not been back to China for the last eight years, but says clients saw her as “no different to someone who has just arrived from Wuhan”.

“I don’t mention that I am Chinese any more and I offer a big discount, but clients are avoiding us like we are the virus,” she said.

Source: Coronavirus: Chinese sex workers hide their nationality in adverts as clients steer clear


WEIRD Video: Woman tries to KISS TV reporter on Live TV in New Zealand – WATCH

A woman was caught on camera attempting to kiss TV news reporter Katie Bradford during a live cross on New Zealand television.

  • TVNZ’s Katie Bradford was covering a roads and infrastructure story in NZ
  • Stranger approached from behind and looked into the camera with a smile
  • Appeared to be about to kiss the reporter, coming within just a few centimetres 

Source: Bizarre moment a laughing stranger leans in to try and KISS a TV reporter during a live broadcast

VIDEO: Volcano erupts on New Zealand’s White Island, multiple victims – WATCH

A rescue operation is currently underway to save people who were pictured from a GNS camera at 2.10pm and appear to have been inside the crater minutes before the explosion.

  • White Island, 48km from the Bay of Plenty region, began erupting about 2.15pm
  • Thick, white plumes of smoke are filling the sky around the New Zealand island
  • Up to 19 people were reportedly on or near the island when the volcano erupted

Source: Up to 20 people are injured with some fighting for life after a volcano erupts off the coast of New Zealand – as horror photos show tour group INSIDE the crater moments before it blew

Grace Millane’s Tinder killer not only chokes her, but a waitress during having rough sex also

The man accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane choked another woman during rough sex days before, a court heard today.

The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went on a Tinder date with a waitress nine days before his fateful meeting with Grace, 22.

She later served the pair cocktails on the night Grace, of Wickford, Essex, disappeared in Auckland, New Zealand late last year.

The woman, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, told Auckland’s High Court she had matched with the 27-year-old alleged killer in November 2018.

She said: ‘We asked each other what we preferred during sex and so I did mention that I liked rough sex and also choking.

‘He did say that he liked rough sex as well but I don’t remember if he said anything about choking.’

Source: Watiress tells Grace Millane murder trial in New Zealand she asked defendant to choke her during sex

Gordon Ramsay shoots and then EATS a goat in New Zealand on his new Uncharted TV show

In the wild cooking segment, the famous chef, 52, headed to South Island to sample Maori cuisine with chef Monique Fiso.

In one scene, Gordon shot dead a goat on a hill with a rifle-styled gun, he couldn’t stop swearing both before and after the hunting.

He later said: ‘My heart’s beating like Big Ben. Your adrenaline is pumping.

‘This is not wrapped up in cling film on a supermarket shelf. This is proper outdoor hunting.’

Source: Gordon Ramsay shoots and then EATS a goat in New Zealand on his new Uncharted TV show

10 New Zealand’s most underrated attractions

Including a valley that most Kiwis have never visited, and the country’s most underestimated region.

New Zealand is blessed with lots of experiences that never fail to disappoint.

Here are our favourites – some well known – others entirely off the beaten track. 

Source: New Zealand’s most underrated attractions