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DRAMATIC VIDEO: 120 mph police car chase ends up with officers battle suspects in Las Vegas – WATCH

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A stolen car suspect led Nye County Sheriff’s deputies on a chase that started in Pahrump and ended in Henderson Monday night.

At times, the pursuit hit speeds as high as 120 mph. According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, the chase started just after 7 a.m. when a deputy attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle reported stolen.

The chase ended when the driver, identified as 42-year-old Eliberto Flores of Las Vegas, stopped the car and attempted to flee on foot on Seven Hills Drive between St. Rose and Horizon Ridge parkways.

Source: DRAMATIC VIDEO: Deputies chase stolen car suspect for 70 miles with speeds reaching 120 mph


UNSPEAKABLE: Body Cam, 911 Call of 6-year-old boy asking for help while being stabbed 25 times by his mom who shot dead by police – WATCH:

WARNING – UPSETTING CONTENT. Police have released harrowing audio from a 911 call in which a little boy says his mum is trying to kill him while body camera footage shows the screaming mother being shot by police

Disturbing audio from a 911 call hears a boy screaming for help as he’s stabbed by his mum 25 times.

Police also released body cam footage of the moment officers shot the mum dead.

Authorities in Henderson, Nevada, say mum Claudia Nadia Rodriguez urged police to take her life when they arrived at her home on October 22, and snatched an officer’s gun from him before being shot and killed.

Source: Harrowing 911 call hears boy, 6, screaming ‘mum’s trying to kill me’ as she stabs him

Nevada Prostitute Is Offering 50% Discount and ‘Out-of-This-World’ Experience for Area 51 Alien Hunters WATCH

NEVADA (KTNV) — A Nevada sex worker is offering UFO and alien enthusiasts an “out of this world” experience.

“I’ve got little lights that I’ve got set up so this way it’s different lighting than standard, I’ve got some alien sound effect type music playing in the background,” Little said.

Licensed prostitute Alice Little works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Carson City.

Little started advertising a 50 percent discount between Sept. 20 and 22 about a month ago after learning about the viral Storm Area 51 Facebook event. Little says that she is an alien enthusiast herself.

Source: Nevada sex worker claims she will make $600K by offering ‘out-of-this-world’ experience for UFO and alien fans


Man Stabs Father Multiple Times At Movie Theater Also Choked His Mother Previously

HENDERSON, Nev. (CBS Local) — A man who allegedly stabbed his father multiple times at a movie theater was also accused of choking his mother last year, according to police in Nevada. Rodney Lee Jr., 20, was arrested late Saturday night after police responded to a call of a stabbing at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino.

… Saturday’s stabbing wasn’t the first incident in which Lee Jr. was accused of attacking a family member.

Lee Jr. was accused of choking his mother, Sandy Abarca, after an argument over a cell phone last November and charged with domestic battery by strangulation in that case.

According to an arrest report, he blamed his father for that attack, telling officers Lee Sr. told him to to it …

Source: Man Accused Of Stabbing Father At Movie Theater Previously Accused Of Choking Mother

VIDEO: MASSIVE Amount of grasshoppers Storm Las Vegas area

LAS VEGAS — A migration of mild-mannered grasshoppers sweeping through the Las Vegas area is being attributed to wet weather several months ago.

Nevada state entomologist Jeff Knight told reporters on Thursday the number of adult pallid-winged grasshoppers traveling north to central Nevada is unusual but not unprecedented and they pose no danger.

Knight says the insects don’t carry disease, don’t bite, and probably won’t damage anybody’s yard before they’re gone in several weeks.

Source: VIDEO: Migratory grasshoppers invade Las Vegas area

Half A Million People Signed Up To Storm Area 51. What If They Show Up?

Should everything go according to plan, more than half a million strangers will gather in a remote Nevada town in mid-September, united by a common goal: raid Area 51 in the wee hours of the morning – using a strength-in-numbers approach to reveal any extraterrestrial treasures stashed within the notoriously clandestine government base.

Or, put more simply, “Lets see them aliens.” …continue reading Half A Million People Signed Up To Storm Area 51. What If They Show Up?