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VIDEO: Dutch stabbing, Multiple victims in The Hague’s main shopping street – WATCH

The incident reportedly occurred at a department store in the Grote Marktstraat in the center of the city.

Police in the Dutch city of The Hague said on Friday night that there had been a stabbing incident in a shopping street in the center of town, with several wounded. Authorities have said that emergency services are already on site.

Dutch media reported that the incident took place in or near a department store in the Grote Markt area. Because of Black Friday sales, there were unusually large crowds in that part of the city.

The Hudson’s Bay department store told the media that all they could confirm is that none of their staff members were involved.

Source: Netherlands: Several wounded after stabbing in The Hague

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch police say multiple people have been injured in a stabbing incident in The Hague’s main shopping street.

Police said in a tweet Friday evening that the incident happened in the city’s main shopping street.

Source: Dutch police: Multiple people injured in Hague stabbing

‘False alarm’?!!! Emergency Alert At Amsterdam Airport Was Activated by MISTAKE? WATCH:

Dutch military police were dispatched to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport over a “suspicious situation” on an Air Europa plane. The airline later said the incident was a “false alarm” accidentally triggered by the pilot.

The Spanish airline Air Europa said a security alert over a possible plane hijacking at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on Wednesday was a “false alarm.”
“In the flight Amsterdam-Madrid, this afternoon was activated, by mistake, a warning that triggers protocols on hijackings at the airport,” the airline said in a tweet.
“Nothing has happened,” the airline added, adding that they “deeply apologize” for the incident.

Source: Amsterdam airport: ‘False alarm’ triggered security situation on plane

URGENT: Air Europa plane hijacked by 3 men armed with knives kidnapping multiple on board at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – WATCH:

Police have swarmed to Schiphol Airport this evening after reports of a suspected hijacking during boarding of a plane.

There are unconfirmed reports that men armed with knives have attempted to hijack an Air Europa plane that was due to fly to Madrid this evening.

At least 27 passengers were on board when the hijacking alert was reportedly triggered.

Source: Schiphol Airport on lockdown as plane ‘hijacked by three men with knives’


The Dutch Royal Military Police is investigating a “suspicious situation” at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the spokesperson for the force told CNN.

Emergency services have flocked to Amsterdam Airoport Schiphol, according to Dutch public broadcaster NOS.

This is a GRIP 3 report — that means that there is a potential threat to the well-being of the population within a municipality.

A spokesperson for the Marechaussee spoke of a “suspicious situation” on board an aircraft. The details of the situation are still unclear.

Source: Suspicious activity reported at Amsterdam airport

BREAKING! WATCH: Netherlands Mass Shooting – Multiple Deaths As Police Officer Kills His Relatives – Dordrecht Roads Locked Down

A police officer is seriously injured after shooting dead three members of his own family before turning the gun on himself, according to Dutch media reports.

Police had earlier confirmed three people were dead in the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands.

Source: Dutch policeman shoots dead three members of his own family – reports

Emergency services rushed to the scene, with 15 police cars in the street, two ambulances, a trauma helicopter, and several police officers, according to a PvdA member from the city. Many local residents also rushed out on the street as panic ensued. The city has been partially closed off.

Police officers have not confirmed reports from local media that three people have been killed.

It is the fifth-largest city of the province after Rotterdam, The Hague, Zoetermeer and Leiden, and has a population of 118,450 people.

Source: Netherlands shooting: Police lock down Dordrecht roads – multiple casualties in attack

Amsterdam: Male sex workers occupy red light district

Traditionally home to female and transgender prostitutes, activists hope the neighborhood’s famous windows can be opened up to all sex workers. The equality campaign is part of Amsterdam’s Gay Pride festival.

Several men on Saturday displayed their half-naked bodies in some of the tall windows that make up Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The protest is part of a call for equal rights in Europe’s most liberal tourist destination, which is mostly inhabited by female and transgender female sex workers.

Prostitutes rent a room in the De Wallen neighborhood and use one of the 300 or so windows to advertise their services.

But despite making up 5% of the estimated 25,000 sex workers operating in the Netherlands, men are rarely seen.

Source: Amsterdam: Male sex workers occupy red light district