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Brad Pitt NASA astronaut full interview from iss


Today, Brad Pitt — who is set to play a gun-wielding, pirate-hunting astronaut in the upcoming film Ad Astra — got the chance to speak to someone who actually has the job of his on-screen character: an astronaut on board the International Space Station. While at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, Pitt chatted with astronaut Nick Hague who has been living on the ISS since March.

ISS astronauts are fairly accustomed to doing interviews with journalists and schoolchildren while in space, but it’s a rare occasion when a movie actor is the voice on the line. Pitt started his line of questioning firmly in the entertainment sphere, asking Hague how realistic his new movie is when it comes to physics. (While the movie comes out on September 20th here on Earth, Hague and his fellow astronauts got to see it in advance.)

Source: Brad Pitt interviews an astronaut on the space station: “Who controls the jam box?”


WATCH: NASA to Shoot Asteroids With Fridge-Size Spacecrafts to Prevent It From Hitting The Earth

Global warming, nuclear war, and asteroid hits. There are so many ways the world could end, but now NASA and the ESA are working on a trial to deflect would be Earth-shattering asteroids.

This experiment by the European Space Agency (ESA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will attempt to deflect an asteroid by hitting it with refrigerator-sized spacecraft “capable of deflecting asteroids and prevent them from colliding with Earth.”

Source: Science fiction gets real: Asteroid-busting mission proposed | ZDNet

Nasa to open International Space Station to tourists

Private astronauts will be permitted up to 30 days’ travel to the ISS

Nasa is to allow tourists to visit the International Space Station from 2020, priced at $35,000 (£27,500) per night.

The US space agency said it would open the orbiting station to tourism and other business ventures.

There will be up to two short private astronaut missions per year, said Robyn Gatens, the deputy director of the ISS. Read more at Source: Nasa to open International Space Station to tourists

You can get paid $19,000 to lie in bed for 2 months

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First Person on Mars Will ‘Likely’ Be a Woman, Says Head of NASA

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was a guest on the radio show “Science Friday” last week. During his appearance on the show, Bridenstine said that a woman is “likely to be” the first person on Mars. . . . READ MORE >>>

New Research Shows The World Is Much Greener Than 20 Years Ago

The study was performed by a team from Boston University alongside NASA.

Source: New Research Shows The World Is Much Greener Than 20 Years Ago