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WATCH: ‘F*ck You!’: Old Man Blasts MSNBC Reporter Live on Air at Gun Rights Rally

GUTIERREZ: “You know, a lot of President Trump’s supporters here. They see this as an affront on the Second Amendment. And certainly yes, the president has been tweeting about this rally for several days. So Hallie, I’m sending it back to you.”

UNKNOWN MAN: “Piece of sh*t. F*ck you!”

JACKSON: “Gabe Gutierrez, live for us there. Thank you, Gabe, I appreciate it. And apologies for some of the background noise as you just heard in Gabe’s live shot.”

Source: ‘F*ck You!’: MSNBC Correspondent Heckled Live on Air at Gun Rights Rally

VIDEO: MSNBC Reporter runs away from woman blasting them ‘A Bunch of Liars’ while covering Trump impeachment vote – WATCH

After MSNBC’s Garrett Haake has his report from Capitol Hill on the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment vote interrupted by a heckler filming on her phone, Nicolle Wallace thanks him for his work: “You guys are the real heroes… handling with grace Read more

Source: Heckler attempts to interrupt MSNBC report on impeachment vote

WATCH: ‘High-school principal’ Elizabeth Warren has ‘likability issue’ – Donny Deutsch Blasted on Morning Joe by Karine Jean-Pierre

For the feminist left, it’s strictly verboten to call a woman candidate unlikable. Poor Donny Deutsch learned that lesson the hard way on today’s Morning Joe.

Commenting on Elizabeth Warren’s precipitous poll drop, Deutsch attributed her problem not only to her unpopular plan to strip people of their private health insurance, but also to her “likability issue,” noting her “high-school principal demeanor.”

But it wasn’t long before Karine Jean-Pierre, an MSNBC analyst and spokesperson for the far-left MoveOn.org, rapped Donny across the knuckles.

Source: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch Dinged for Calling Liz Warren Unlikable

Video: Eric Swalwell Farts Loudly on MSNBC Live TV Interview – WATCH

On air fart shows you just how disconnected these swamp creatures are

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) apparently let out a massive fart live on air during an interview on MSNBC:

Notice as Fartwell stopped speaking and lifted up right before the rumble.

Source: Video: Eric Swalwell Lets Out Massive Fart Live on Air

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