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10 Travel Movies Will Get You Off The Couch

Get up and go with these movies about boundary-breakers, jet-setters, and adventurers.

Travel: It’s one long photo opp. Sometimes it seems that all the good travel movies have migrated to Instagram Stories. But, hyper-saturated photos of influencers lounging in the South of France is only one kind of trip, while movies often show another type. The rough ‘n’ tumble, emotional awakening kind. Continue at Source: These Travel Movies Will Get You Off The Couch

Top 10 Best Western Movies of the 2010s, Ranked

From True Grit to The Sisters Brothers, here are our picks for the greatest Western movies of the decade.

Some people call Westerns a dead genre, or one that has its best days behind it at the very least. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. A variety of film-makers from across the world still explore the traditions and emotions of the genre to this day. Continue at Source: Best In the West: Top 10 Western Movies of the 2010s, Ranked

25 Best Movies of 2019 (So Far)

From faux vérité music biopics to modern blockbuster action epics, here’s what we are in love with right now.

The best movies of 2019 so far reflect a weird in-between for filmgoers—a conundrum of access and elitism that most people don’t much care about confronting when it takes $25 just to go out to the theater anymore. Here at Paste, we’re all about supporting independent theaters and cash-strapped filmmakers, but we also understand that many of these movies aren’t going to make it to your local second-run establishment any time soon, if at all. We get, too, that most modern festivals are markets for distribution companies and not fans, and so most likely what critics are praising out of Cannes won’t be available to you until long after thinkpieces have moved on. Continue at Source: The 25 Best Movies of 2019 (So Far)

15 Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now, Ranked


The term “thriller” can mean a lot of different things, but they’re always suspenseful. So here are the 15 best thriller movies on Netflix.

“Thriller” is kind of a catch-all term for movies that bleed into multiple genres. It can describe films rich with drama, action, crime, and quite possibly horror. That’s why its Netflix category is such a hodgepodge of entries, varying in tone, subject matter, and quality. A good thriller, though, is going to be suspenseful for any number of reasons. An unstoppable killer. An unsolvable mystery. A gripping world that draws viewers into it. A sympathetic character fighting for survival. Something that can keep an audience on the edge of its seats. And based on that, here are the 15 best thrillers on Netflix right now. Continue at Source: The Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

17 Best Documentaries of 2019 (So Far)

Truth is better than fiction.

As streaming services pour billions of dollars into original content to satisfy their subscribers’ insatiable lust for new movies and shows, documentaries — like nearly every genre — have flourished. Rarely hits at the box office, nonfiction narratives are particularly well-suited to on-demand viewing, offering those who spend hours binge-watching lighter fare the rare opportunity to feel like they’re learning something as they sit on the couch. See more at Source: The Best Documentaries of 2019 (So Far)

10 Famous Places That Inspired Incredible Movies

Incredible Disney movies like Aladdin and Mulan have real world famous places that inspired them. Check out more on this list!

It’s no secret that one of the best things about movies is that they’re able to transport us to different locations and unknown worlds. However, what many people may not know is that there are a handful of incredible movies that were inspired by famous locations across the world. See more at Source: 10 Famous Places That Inspired Incredible Movies

Explore 6 Best Things from Real ‘Deadwood’, South Dakota

From gunslingers’ graves to gold mines, the South Dakota city—and inspiration for the new ‘Deadwood’ movie—is steeped in Old West history

Fans of the HBO show “Deadwood,” which ended a three-season run in 2006, are finally being rewarded with new content—“Deadwood: The Movie,” premiering this Friday. The show and movie (set 10 years after the final season of the show) chronicle the world of rough and tumble gold-rush town Deadwood, South Dakota, in the late 19th century, following characters like Seth Bullock, Al Swearingen, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. See more at Source: See the Real Deadwood

First ‘vertical theme park’ brings Hunger Games and Twilight rides to life with Lionsgate Entertainment World

Lionsgate Entertainment World will offer several adventures including a virtual reality motorcycle ride based on Twilight, a maximum-security prison breakout like in Escape Plan and a replica of The Capitol lobby from The Hunger Games, complete with shops where guests can fashion themselves in the film’s distinctive couture.

More than 25 rides and virtual reality experiences will pack a sleek, futuristic-looking bean-shaped building that stands 10 storeys high.

Source: Lionsgate Entertainment World is first ‘vertical theme park’, with Hunger Games and Twilight rides

The Top 10 Cities for Movie Tourism

Naturally, directors choose some of the most stunning places on the planet to film movies and TV shows. Where they go, fans follow!

Source: The Top 10 Cities for Movie Tourism

Watching superhero movies is good for your mental health, researchers say