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WATCH: The Film That Sparks Hundred Brawl with Machetes at Birmingham Cinema (trailer)

Five teenagers have been arrested, including a girl aged 13, after a violent fight involving 100 people broke out at the packed Vue cinema in entertainment complex Star City near Nechells on Saturday evening

Vue has pulled the gang film Blue Story from all its cinemas following a mass brawl involving machetes at a screening in Birmingham.

A recorded message on the cinema answerphone says that the movie has been pulled, Birmingham Live reports.

Source: Vue bans Blue Story film from all cinemas after Birmingham machete brawl


‘Joker’ Pockets 4 Times the Cost in Just 2 Days – WATCH =>

The edgy R-rated pic exceeded expectations despite heightened security at theaters across the country; overseas it raked in $140.5 million.

Todd Phillips’ Joker got the last laugh in its box office debut, earning a huge $93.5 million domestically from 4,374 theaters to set a new opening record for the month of October despite heightened security at cinemas across the U.S.

The dark R-rated supervillain movie starring Joaquin Phoenix did even more business overseas, raking in $140.5 million from more than 70 markets for a global start of $234 million (it doesn’t yet have a release date in China). Both stats likewise set a new benchmark for the month of October.

Source: Box Office: ‘Joker’ Has the Last Laugh With Record $93.5M U.S. Bow, $234M Globally

People Flee ‘Joker’ Crowded New York Theater as Man Yells Loudly While Watching the Movie =>

NEW YORK (AP) — Extra layers of security, intense on-screen action and a frightening incident inside a New York theater combined to create an unsettling experience for some moviegoers who went to see “Joker” on its opening weekend.

A young man who was loudly cheering and applauding on-screen murders sent some people heading toward exits in a crowded theater in Manhattan‘s Times Square on Friday night. Other patrons yelled at the man, who spit on them as they left early, said Nathanael Hood, who was in the theater.

“I was scared. I’m sure a lot of other people were,” Hood said in an interview conducted by private messages.

Source: Moviegoer At Times Square Theater Reportedly Escorted Out Of ‘Joker’ Screening After Cheering On-Screen Murders

HOT! ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ WATCH: Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey Team Up for Charlie’s Angels

Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey dropped their new music video on Friday.

The music superstars collaborated on the new song, “Don’t Call Me Angel,” which will be featured in the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” movie remake featuring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott as the new angels.

The trio in the video, directed by Elizabeth Banks, who also helmed (and wrote) the movie, dance around wearing dark angel wings, leather, and lace.

Source: Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey collaborate on sultry new music video

3 Over The Top Outdoor Movie Destinations

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5 Fantasy Books Better Than The Movies (& 5 That Are Surprisingly Worse)

Many films are adapted from books, particularly in the fantasy genre. Films have the opportunity to bring fantasy’s visual spectacle, magic, and breathtaking creatures to life. With many fantasy books part of a larger series and boasting a dedicated fandom, the right adaptation can spark a wildly popular and successful film franchise. Continue at Source: 5 Fantasy Books Better Than The Movies (& 5 That Are Surprisingly Worse)