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VIDEO: Girl Dragged by Bus Sliding on Icy  Street in Montreal – WATCH

Montreal police are investigating after a person was caught on video hanging onto a rear bus bumper and being dragged along Sherbrooke Street.

MONTREAL — A post to social media went viral Saturday showing a person lying on her back on the street being dragged by a Montreal bus in the middle of the day after a major snowstorm.

The video posted on multiple social media sites reads: “When you see that there are no more places on the bus” and shows someone being dragged apparently voluntarily by an STM No. 24 Sherbrooke bus in the afternoon.

Source: Video catches bus surfer sliding through icy Montreal street

RACIAL TENSIONS IN QUEBEC: Video of man taunting mom, daughter with slurs


A white man accosted an Arabic-speaking woman and her two-year-old daughter earlier this week, uttering racial slurs and sexually violent threats in broad daylight on a Montreal street, and the incident was captured on cellphone video and widely circulated.

In the video, the man can be heard calling one of the women a “slut.” He also lurches towards the two-year-old, bending down to meet her at eye level and making a lewd sexual remark about her mother.

Source: Video of man taunting mom, daughter with slurs prompts more worries about racial tensions in Quebec

20 Beautiful ‘Garden Terrasses’ In Montreal

Montreal restaurants with lush terrasses.

Montreal is definitely known for its beautiful terrasses. Because of our long, dreary, freezing winters that I don’t even want to think about right now, we really know how to make the most of sunshine and warm weather.

This explains our many, amazing terrasses. There are terrasses for every occasion, but some of the most beautiful are the outdoor terrasses lined with so many plants and flowers that we almost forget that we live in a city.

Here are some of the beautiful garden terrasses in the city! Get lost, enjoy the cool shade, and grab a great drink. Continue at Source: 20 Beautiful ‘Garden Terrasses’ In Montreal

15 Foods That You Can’t Leave Montreal Without Trying

Montreal has some classic foods you can’t leave the city without trying. Orange Julep, Ma Poule Mouillée, smokies, donut holes, natas, and more!

There are so many restaurants in Montreal that it can be hard to decide where, or what, to eat. There are just so many options: Montreal is a melting pot of different cultures, and the city offers a wide variety of cuisines.

Many people who come to the city find themselves overwhelmed with choice. We’ve tried to make this choice a little easier by rounding up a list of the must-tries in the city. Continue at Source: 15 Foods That You Can’t Leave Montreal Without Trying

The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Eating in Montreal

Iconic dishes, neighbourhood guides, essential eats, and more recommendations for the hungry tourist

Whether you’re a visitor, a newcomer, or a regular Montrealer just looking for tips on where to eat or drink, it can be tricky to navigate the city’s large, robust food … Continue at Source: The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Eating in Montreal

20 Best Montreal Restaurants That Are All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat Montreal restaurants.

All-you-can-eat restaurants have a cult following in Montreal. The city has a ton of “AYCE” places, particularly when it comes to all-you-can-eat sushi (which, if we’re being real, deserves its own category). Continue at Source: 20 Montreal Restaurants That Are All You Can Eat