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Man Shoots Woman by Shotgun Multiple Times, Kills Her for Honking Him to Hurry Up – Minnesota 

On January 1st, the Roseau County Sheriff’s Department responded to a shooting at 27899 County Road #4 near Badger, MN.

Investigators say that 57-year-old Angelo Oluf Borreson told a 911 operator and also a responding officer that he “had shot her.”

When investigators walked up to the van, they say they found Angela Wynne’s body inside.

Borreson told investigators that Wynne came to his house to help him get gas for his car that morning. Court documents indicate that Borreson was not ready to leave the house when Wynne showed up. Borreson told investigators that Wynne was yelling at him to hurry up.

Borreson told investigators that he grabbed a loaded shotgun, went outside and pointed the gun at Wynne because he wanted her to leave.

Borreson admitted that he fired into the driver’s side window of the car, knew he had hit Wynne and walked into the house to call 911.

An autopsy determined that Wynne died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

Source: Roseau County man officially charged in shooting death of Badger woman

WATCH: School bus slides sideways through intersection down icy road in Minnesota

A bus attached to a small white trailer lost traction and began sliding sideways through an intersection down a road, Saturday in Minnesota.

The video, taken by Neil D. Marriot, shows the bus slowly gliding parallel down Eden Prairie Road, taking up both lanes with a trailer jackknifing behind it.

EMOTIONAL VIDEO: Boy puts on glasses to see color for the first time – MUST WATCH

COTTONWOOD, Minn. (KLAS) — The world got a little brighter for 12-year Jonathan Jones on Thursday, Nov. 21 when the color-blind boy tried on a special pair of glasses that allowed him to see color for the first time in his life.

According to Jones’s mother Carole, she was asked by a science teacher at his Cottonwood, Minnesota school to come in and witness the moment; the students were studying color-blindness in class.

Source: HEART TOUCHING VIDEO: Glasses help boy see color for the first time

Man Goes on Crime Spree: Kidnaps, Rapes Woman, Carjacks Multiple Vehicle, Holds A Family at Gunpoint, Shoots Out with Police and Finally Kills Himself in Minnesota – WATCH:

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner identified the man who died during the incident as 34-year-old Noah Ante Erickson of White Bear Lake. The man died of suicide due to a gunshot wound, according to the medical examiner.

Early Monday morning, Erickson kidnapped a woman at gunpoint from the parking lot of her Maplewood workplace and forced her to drive them to her St. Paul residence. There, sources say he tied up the victim and a housemate and sexually assaulted one of them. The suspect then stole a vehicle from the home and fled. Once free, one of the female victims called 911 to report what had happened.

Erickson abandoned the woman’s vehicle in a Cottage Grove neighborhood and carjacked another vehicle at gunpoint from a man in that neighborhood.

Erickson then abandoned the second vehicle a few blocks away and entered a nearby home. There were two adults and two children inside at the time. Erickson held the couple at gunpoint and, a short time later, he stole a pickup truck from the home.

He drove around police barricades and across yards, eventually crashing into a tree several houses away. Erickson then exited the vehicle and “exchanged gunfire during a confrontation with law enforcement before turning the gun on himself,” officials said.

Source: BCA: Suspect in Cottage Grove shooting turned gun on himself

WATCH: CHILLING VIDEO Shows Brian J. Quinones LIVESTREAMS Police Car Chase Then Gets Shot to Death

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT The driver, identified as Brian Quinones, was gunned down after a 12 minute police chase which was shared on Facebook

It started when the driver was seen running a red light, according to reports in the US.

When he got out, he was wielding a knife, prompting officers to open fire in Richfield, Minnesota, it is claimed.

Video shared on the Facebook page of Brian J. Quinones shows the driver refuse to stop as police lights flashed in the background.

He appeared calm throughout, and at various stages is shown singing along to music.

Source: ‘Knife-wielding’ man livestreams police chase before being shot dead

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