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VIDEO: Baby sinking into pool bottom saved by 9-year-old girl and godmother – Michgan – WATCH

LIVONIA, Mich. — A quick-thinking 9-year-old is being called a hero for alerting adults to a deadly danger at a Holiday Inn Express Pool.

Dozens of people were enjoying the hotel pool on Jan. 24 in Livonia, Michigan.

Surveillance video shows a toddler sink to the bottom of the pool.

“He’s trying to swim. He’s trying to get in a position to get upright. There’s a lot of people playing. I think he gets lost in the confusion,” Capt. Ron Taig said to WXYZ.

Source: Video shows drowning toddler saved by quick-thinking 9-year-old and her heroic godmother


WATCH: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Parent shocks anti-racism school board meeting

SALINE, MI — A Michigan parent interrupted a school board meeting with a racist remark, while another parent was talking about how racism at the school was affecting his child.

Adrian Iraola, who is Latino, had a microphone and was sharing a story about his son crying himself to sleep because of the racial abuse he was being forced to endure at his school.

Iraola was mid-sentence when a man seated behind him spoke up.

“Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” the man, later identified as Tom Burtell, said.

The interjection caused audible gasps and looks of shock from other parents in the room.

Source: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Parent’s racist remark interrupts anti-racism school board meeting

Woman bit off man’s tongue during kissing – Detroit – WATCH

DETROIT, Mich. — A Detroit man is recovering after a woman he was kissing bit off his tongue, according to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office.

Youlette Wedgeworth, 52, and the man were engaged in a consensual kiss on January 28 when the incident occurred, police and prosecutors allege. She had asked him to not put his tongue in her mouth. When he did anyway, she bit it off, Prosecutor Eric J. Smith told CNN affiliate WXYZ.

Police responded to the incident and found the man bleeding from his mouth and missing about 1 inch of his tongue, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Source: Detroit woman bit off man’s tongue after she asked him not to use it while kissing, police say

GRUESOME! Man Eats Testicles of Kevin Bacon after Slitting His Throat and Hanging Him Naked – WATCH

WARNING: Graphic details. Police found a gruesome crime scene at Mark Latunski’s home, where they believe Kevin Bacon was killed.

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Mich. (WILX/Gray News) – A man accused of killing a 25-year-old Michigan man named Kevin Bacon is expected back in court on Wednesday.

On Monday, court documents revealed what police found on Dec. 28, the day they arrested 50-year-old Mark Latunski in connection with Bacon’s death.

Detectives said they went to Latunski’s home to perform a welfare check as that was the last location Bacon was believed to have been.

When they entered Latunski’s central Michigan home, detectives testified they found Bacon hanging naked from the ceiling.

According to testimony from the detective, Latunski confessed to killing Bacon by stabbing him with a knife in the back one time then slitting his throat.

He also admitted to police he wrapped a rope around Bacon’s ankles and hung him from the rafters on the ceiling.

According to the documents, Latunski admitted he used the knife to cut off Bacon’s testicles and then consumed them.

Shocking VIDEO: Amazon Delivery Driver Runs Over Package Multiple Times, Trying to Destroy It – WATCH

TROY, Mich. — A delivery driver who was supposed to be dropping off a package for an Amazon customer for the holidays instead decided to destroy it.

Surveillance video from a Michigan home showed the driver get out of his vehicle, place a package in front of the back tire and then proceed to run it over repeatedly.

The truck driver stopped in front of a home and carefully placed a package in front of his rear passenger tire after doing a door knock. He got back behind the wheel and went back and forth, crushing what was inside.

Source: Delivery driver caught on camera running over package repeatedly, destroying it

WATCH: Trump Attacks the dead John Dingell Saying He Might Be in Hell

During a strange turn during his Michigan rally, President Donald Trump talked about former Rep. John Dingell, who died in February. Trump made a statement that sounded like he was hinting that Dingell might be in hell.

This was shortly after the House voted to impeach him.

“I said that’s ok, don’t worry about it… Maybe he’s looking up, I don’t know,” Trump commented. The crowd groaned and laughed in response to what Trump said.

Source: WATCH: Trump Attacks John Dingell & Says He Might Be in Hell