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11-year-old student conducts mass shooting at Mexico school, kills teacher, multiple victims- WATCH

A sixth-grade student shot and killed a teacher and wounded several classmates before killing himself inside an elementary school Friday morning in northern Mexico, authorities said.

The 11-year-old boy apparently told another student, “Today is the day,” then asked to go to the bathroom, where he stayed for about 15 minutes before getting out and firing two guns, a preliminary investigation found.

The shooting happened in Torreón, a large city in the state of Coahuila.

Authorities said five students and a gym teacher were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds, but their condition was not immediately known.

Source: 11-year-old shooter opens fire at Mexico school, killing teacher and wounding classmates


Mexican Gunmen Shoot Up American Family Returning to US Killing 13-year-old boy – WATCH

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — An American family returning to the U.S. after a holiday visit to Mexico came under attack just south of Texas on Saturday night, with armed gunmen killing a 13-year-old and wounding three other people.

The attorney general’s office in the state of Tamaulipas said the child was a U.S. citizen and that the parents were permanent residents of the U.S. They did not release the victims’ names.

The family was traveling in a Chevrolet SUV with Oklahoma state plates, returning from a holiday visit to relatives in the state of San Luis Potosi.

Source: American family attacked in Mexico, 13-year-old killed

Multiple inmates killed, at least 16 gunned down, stabbed to death during Mexico prison riot – WATCH


At least 16 inmates in a central Mexico prison were killed and five more were wounded in a riot that closed out a violent 2019 for the country, authorities said.

Zacatecas state security secretary Ismael Camberos Hernandez told local press that authorities confiscated four guns that they believe were introduced to the Cieneguillas state prison during prison visits Tuesday. He said the prison had been searched for weapons on Saturday and Sunday and no guns were found.

Source: At least 16 dead, 5 wounded in central Mexico prison riot: police

VIDEO: 2 MASSIVE Carnival Cruise ships Collide Head-Tail CRASH in Mexico – WATCH

Cruise ship Carnival Glory was manouevering to dock in Cozumel on Friday morning when it struck the Carnival Legend, which was already moored behind it, leaving one person with minor injuries.

  • Carnival Glory was coming in to dock in Cozumel, Mexico, on Friday morning 
  • Video shows ship swinging into port while Carnival Legend was moored behind 
  • Rear of the Glory hits prow of Legend, shattering windows and twisting metal
  • Passengers in the Glory dining room were evacuated, and one was injured 

Source: Shocking moment two cruise ships crash into each other in Mexico

Migrant Woman Lets Smugglers Rape Her so Her Daughter Doesn’t Get Raped

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Del Rio Sector Division Chief of Operations Randy Clark discussed the treatment of migrants by cartel-connected human smugglers. The chief recalled an incident where a recently apprehended migrant woman said she let smugglers rape her to protect her daughter.

During a recent roundtable discussion between Del Rio Sector officials and Breitbart News, Chief Clark recalled an incident where a migrant woman told him she allowed her smugglers to rape her.

“I remember one lady saying, ‘I let them. I let them because I know they’re [human smugglers] going to do it and I didn’t want them to get my daughter,’” Clark said. “Those stories are out there. We know it’s part of the border life and it’s horrible.”

VIDEO: People climbing Trump’s border wall in seconds – WATCH

Donald Trump has praised construction of newly constructed wall along the US-Mexico border, which the president has insisted “can’t be climbed”.

But a viral video has proved that the wall can easily be scaled with a ladder.

The video from by Deseret Sun photojournalist J Omar Ornelas shows a man bracing a tall ladder at the foot of the fence as two men climb to the top, then easily slide down the ladder rails from the other side of the perforated fence.

Source: Video shows people scaling US border wall in seconds – despite Trump insisting it ‘can’t be climbed’