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Durham girl, 17, hanged herself amid fears she may have been groomed by an older man

Quinn Beadle, 17, spiralled into depression and hanged herself from a tree at the end of her street in Durham after it was alleged she was groomed by a 50-year-old man.

The parents described it as ‘just another day’, with the teenager baking and watching TV with her mother before ordering the takeaway.

But Quinn has been battling depression after it was alleged a man in his 50s groomed her over a three-month period in December 2016.

Her mother Tracey, 39, told the Mirror Online: ‘Quinn was our beautiful 17-year-old daughter, she was kind, funny, stubborn, quirky, crazy and amazing.

‘Sadly one day, she decided that life was just too hard for her. We saw a change in Quinn after this [grooming allegations]. She just went very secretive.

Source: Girl, 17, hanged herself amid fears she may have been groomed by an older man


TRAGEDY: ‘I killed my babies’ a working social worker dad FORGOT 11-month-old TWINS in car in 8 hours to death, Now on SUICIDE Watch

A father whose 11-month-old twins died after he apparently forgot he left them in his hot car for hours told police “I killed my babies”, prosecutors claim.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, said he thought he had dropped them off at daycare in New York before he went to work at a hospital on Friday morning, according to the district attorney’s office.

‘Slow the F*** down!!! or I’ll shoot’ Man threatening to shoot speeding drivers

NORTH BRANFORD —  Police said a man was arrested after holding a sign that read “Slow the F*** down!!! or I’ll shoot your windows! Try me!”

On Friday, North Branford Police said they responded to the area of Totoket Road and Sunnyside Drive, where they found Nicholas Spaeth, 29, holding the sign. In addition, police said they noticed what appeared to be a handgun in his waistband.

Source: ‘Try me!’: Man held sign threatening to shoot speeding drivers, Connecticut police say

8 Reasons to Try Low-Carb for Mental Health

Discover what improving your brain metabolism could do for you. Interest in low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets continues to rise as people discover their potential to help with stubborn physical health problems such as obesityand type two diabetes—but could this same strategy help with mental health problems as well? Continue at Source: 8 Reasons to Try Low-Carb for Mental Health

The 32 Best Books About Depression—Whether You’re Struggling Or Not

Start with this list.

Reading a book about depression might sound, well, a little dark. But if you’re struggling, it can actually help you feel less alone by showing you that other people have had similar experiences, even though it might feel like you’re the only one in the world who’s hurting—a symptom of depression called “social isolation,” says Elizabeth Cohen, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City.

“It can also show the reader, who might be feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel or even considering suicide, that people—even famous people—have lived with depression and made it through,” she says.

Just because the topic might be stereotypically more grim than others doesn’t mean that every read is intense, though. From laugh-out-loud funny memoirs to tear-jerking fiction, with a few more practical picks that focus on how to come out the other side, these 32 books about depression will help you better understand this mental illness: Continue at Source: Why Reading A Book About Depression Might Actually Help You Feel Better

Why Young People Are So Anxious and Depressed

Do social networks contribute to epidemics of anxiety and depression? A startling recent increase in depression for adolescents and young adults suggest they are being attacked by something very recent. Researchers point to the rise of social media. Is this just another case of paranoia about new technology? Continue at Source: Why Young People Are So Anxious and Depressed