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Store your cells now to save your live in future with this Canadian company 

A Canadian healthcare company is betting on the future of regenerative medicine by offering consumers an accessible and more cost-effective way of collecting and storing their cells for future medical therapies.

Toronto-based Acorn Biolabs has developed a non-invasive method of preserving the genetic material found in the cells of human hair follicles.

By simply plucking a few hairs from your head, extracting and analyzing the cells, and storing them at cryogenic temperatures, the company says it can provide “biological life insurance” in the form of healthy, preserved cells that can be later transformed into stem cells to treat disease — providing that advancements in genetic therapy have been made by the time you are diagnosed.

Source: This Canadian company wants to store your cells for future life-saving genetic therapies


Scientists Identify Factors That Make People Naturally Resistant to HIV

Developing an HIV vaccine has been a perplexing challenge that has mostly resulted in failure, but now scientists have identified key factors that allow some people to naturally suppress the HIV virus—work that could lead to better vaccines to both treat and prevent the infection. Researchers believe they have identified crucial points on the virus’s surface where the immune system can successfully attack HIV.

Source: Scientists Identify Factors That Make People Naturally Resistant to HIV