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WATCH: CNN Wolf Blitzer Reminds Americans to Embrace the Constitution’s Article 2 Section 4 Waiting for The moment of removing President Trump from Oval Office


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WATCH: Pig chases reporter on live TV during mass flooding BROADCAST

(CNN) – Antenna TV reporter Lazos Mantikos went live at Kineta Beach to report on mass flooding and was met by a curious pig that was eager to hog the spotlight.

The reporter is seen running in circles on camera with the pig following his every move.

Source: WATCH: Pig chases reporter on live TV

WATCH: ‘High-school principal’ Elizabeth Warren has ‘likability issue’ – Donny Deutsch Blasted on Morning Joe by Karine Jean-Pierre

For the feminist left, it’s strictly verboten to call a woman candidate unlikable. Poor Donny Deutsch learned that lesson the hard way on today’s Morning Joe.

Commenting on Elizabeth Warren’s precipitous poll drop, Deutsch attributed her problem not only to her unpopular plan to strip people of their private health insurance, but also to her “likability issue,” noting her “high-school principal demeanor.”

But it wasn’t long before Karine Jean-Pierre, an MSNBC analyst and spokesperson for the far-left MoveOn.org, rapped Donny across the knuckles.

Source: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch Dinged for Calling Liz Warren Unlikable

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