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White Meat Can Raise Cholesterol As Much As Red Meat, New Study Shows

It’s well known that eating red meat, like beef, can raise blood cholesterol levels. But now, there’s evidence that white meat can have the same effect.

White meat, such as chicken, may raise blood cholesterol levels as much as red meat does, a new, small study details.

The finding surprised researchers, who didn’t expect that eating large amounts of poultry would lead to higher blood cholesterol levels. Of the three diets in the study — red meat, white meat and nonmeat proteins — only the plant-based diet was associated with healthy blood cholesterol levels, the researchers found. See more at Source: White Meat Can Raise Cholesterol As Much As Red Meat, New Study Shows


This Is How Vegan Meat Compares to Animal Meat 

Is vegan meat healthier than animal protein? Here’s everything you need to know about protein, amino acids, and going plant-based.

Consumer interest in vegan meat has been growing steadily over the past several years leading to increased demand from meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. From Burger King Whoppers made with vegan meat to mushroom jerky, jackfruit tacos, and so much more, the vegan meat trend is here to stay.

Source: This Is How Vegan Meat Compares to Animal Meat | LIVEKINDLY

Diets high in red meat linked with greater health risks in two new studies

Both studies come with important caveats, so they aren’t going to end the often-heated dispute over whether red meat has a role to play in a healthy diet.

Source: Diets high in red meat linked with greater health risks in two new studies

Should you stop eating meat?

If you’ve ever bought a drink on campus just to have your straw disintegrate halfway through your meal, it should come as no surprise that Duke Dining has …

Source: Should you stop eating meat?

Will Our Descendants Get Horrified As They Find Out We Eat Meat?

Dr. Melanie Joy is the author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism. She is the founder and president of Beyond Carnism.

Source: Eating meat will be considered unthinkable to many 50 years from now

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Why Eating Meat Was Banned in Japan for Centuries

On February 18, 1872, a group of Japanese Buddhist monks broke into the Imperial Palace to seek an audience with the emperor. In the ensuing fight with the … READ MORE …

Intuitive eating: How eating what you want can be better than dieting


USDA Forced Kittens to Become Cannibals for Research: Report

A report from the White Coat Waste Project says the USDA made kittens into cannibals and killed 3000 cats for toxoplasmosis research. READ MORE …

5 Best Cookbooks About Meat That Every Carnivore Should Read

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