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10 Destination Wedding Hotspots for 2020

These venues are truly unforgettable.

Have you ever thought about a destination wedding on a ranch in Wyoming or a fortress off the coast of Spain? We spoke to top-of-the-line wedding planners about the up and coming destination wedding locations all over the world. Wedding planners are world travelers who search the globe for unique cities, historic resorts, and under-the-radar spots perfect for memorable ceremonies. They know what couples want, and what they need when it comes to destination weddings.

If you are looking for a breathtaking, memorable destination wedding, take it from the pros and get married in a spot your guests will never forget. Read on to find out what the wedding pros predict will be the best destination wedding locations for 2020. Continue at Source: The Destination Wedding Hotspots for 2020

5 magical mini-moons To Say ‘I Do’

These short stays are packed full of romance – perfect for a new bride and groom. Who says you have to hit the beach for a fortnight once you’ve tied the knot? Celebrate your nuptials at one of these gorgeous getaways that are just as romantic as an island in the Indian Ocean. Continue at Source: Say ‘I do’ to these 5 magical mini-moons

19 Beautiful Restaurant Wedding Venues Across America

The perfect choice for foodie couples.

If your Instagram features more food pictures than selfies or beaches, you might want to consider a restaurant wedding for your big day. With a culinary focus—obviously—restaurant wedding venues offer plenty of built-in amenities for your nuptials, from stunning views to seating, drinks, staff, and sometimes even wedding decor. Talk about a one-stop shop! Plenty of restaurant wedding venues also feature private rooms, meaning a guest list as small as 12 feels special, and you can also consider a buyout for a larger gathering of hundreds.

To help inspire your wedding venue search, here are 19 restaurant wedding venues across the U.S. Continue at Source: 19 Restaurant Wedding Venues Across the Country

Destination Divorce Parties Are a New Las Vegas Trend

Mending a broken heart with clubs, cabarets, and machine guns.

Source: Destination Divorce Parties Are a New Las Vegas Trend

World’s Most Unique Wedding Proposal? Japanese Man Travels 6 Months to Spell ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth,

He began planning his route throughout the country to spell out the two special words, ‘Marry Me,’ with which he ends his journey.

Source: World’s Most Unique Wedding Proposal? Japanese Man Travels 6 Months to Spell ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth,

Is Marriage Obsolete? The first part of a weeklong series that attempts to understand marriage.

I recently watched Planet Earth II with my family, and the footage of various animals waiting not so patiently for their mates to return to the proper rendezvous point in order to make sweet marital bird love or regurgitate a little fish smoothie into crying-baby throats was enough to send a chill down my spine.  Read More …