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10 Destination Wedding Hotspots for 2020

These venues are truly unforgettable.

Have you ever thought about a destination wedding on a ranch in Wyoming or a fortress off the coast of Spain? We spoke to top-of-the-line wedding planners about the up and coming destination wedding locations all over the world. Wedding planners are world travelers who search the globe for unique cities, historic resorts, and under-the-radar spots perfect for memorable ceremonies. They know what couples want, and what they need when it comes to destination weddings.

If you are looking for a breathtaking, memorable destination wedding, take it from the pros and get married in a spot your guests will never forget. Read on to find out what the wedding pros predict will be the best destination wedding locations for 2020. Continue at Source: The Destination Wedding Hotspots for 2020


The Psychology Behind Unconditional Love, According To Science

When you think of your ideal relationship, unconditional might very well be the epitome of #goals. “I love you when…” “I love you if…” “I love you, but…” What do all of these statements have in common? They’re conditional — and as the very term suggests, you can’t achieve unconditional love with “ifs” and “buts.” But what’s the psychology behind unconditional loveIs it even possible? How does it grow? And are there ways to nurture it? Continue at Source: The Psychology Behind Unconditional Love, According To Science

19 Beautiful Restaurant Wedding Venues Across America

The perfect choice for foodie couples.

If your Instagram features more food pictures than selfies or beaches, you might want to consider a restaurant wedding for your big day. With a culinary focus—obviously—restaurant wedding venues offer plenty of built-in amenities for your nuptials, from stunning views to seating, drinks, staff, and sometimes even wedding decor. Talk about a one-stop shop! Plenty of restaurant wedding venues also feature private rooms, meaning a guest list as small as 12 feels special, and you can also consider a buyout for a larger gathering of hundreds.

To help inspire your wedding venue search, here are 19 restaurant wedding venues across the U.S. Continue at Source: 19 Restaurant Wedding Venues Across the Country

20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

Take advantage of the last days of being child-free with a babymoon at one of these destinations.

It’s unclear exactly when babymoons became a thing, but they’re certainly a trend now. For those unfamiliar, a babymoon can be classified as a mom or mom and dad to be who take a trip before baby is actually born. Many see it as a trip to relax before having to do the monumental task of raising another human in their first years of life. Others see it as a time to just go on one last trip before life gets crazy. It’s not to say that parents can’t go anywhere after having a child. There are many moms out there who have the travel bug and take any opportunity they can (like maternity leave) to feed their wanderlust. Continue at Source: 20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

20 Awesome Destinations To Travel With Your GFs Now

Check out these 20 destinations you should go with your female besties

It is summer break and many girls do not know what to do or go yet. However, this article is applicable for any break, to be honest, as long as you decide to take a break of your busy lives and just be. Yet, what an excellent option would be to do that with your besties’ company? Here is a list of 20 vacay spots you should consider when you are booking your next getaway with your girlfriends. Continue Source: Top 20 Awesome Destinations To Travel With Your GFs Now

Top 4 Most Romantic Travel Destinations

In this busy and hectic schedule of our lives, who doesn’t need a getaway with their one and only? Take some time out for your companion and show them how you have not forgotten them in your compact and exhausting schedule. Travel and reminisce your moments with the taste of the romantic culture. But short-listing […] Continue at Source: Top 4 Most Romantic Travel Destinations | CEOWORLD magazine