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6 Whiskey Types – How to Tell Whiskey Apart

“I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch.”

Feeling the need to switch it up from your go-to sauvy b? Getting bored of the vodka-soda life? Whiskey is here to help you level up your bar game. It’s made in countries across the world and available in a variety of delish types, from Scotch to Bourbon, Tennessee to Irish. (Thirsty yet?) While each classification can be further distilled by grain, cask, and aging process, sometimes you gotta start with the basics, like these six major kinds. Figure out your fave, then order one on the rocks and sip like a pro.


8 New Premium Spirits To Enjoy This Summer

From playful twists on prestigious brands to avant-garde new infusions, these brand new premium spirits have arrived just in time to stir up your summertime cocktail hour.

Aged Scotch whisky brand, Royal Salute, is a aristocratic heritage brand: This “king of whisky” was first created commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, and the signature 21 Year Old Scotch whisky pays homage to the 21 gun salute of her coronation. Yet despite its tie to tradition, Royal Salute isn’t afraid of a bit of modernization and creative innovation. For the first time since the brand’s founding, two new whiskies are being added to the 21 Year Old range, including The Malts Blend.

Source: 8 New Premium Spirits To Enjoy This Summer

6 of the Best Flavored Gins, Tasted and Ranked (2019)

In 2018, the flavored gin subcategory experienced a 78 percent volume sales increase globally, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

Of course, by definition, all gins can be described as flavored spirits. Typically juniper-forward, the distillate traditionally sees a neutral spirit infused with fistfuls of botanicals to provide a complex, nuanced beverage.

But the emerging subcategory of infused gins reimagines which ingredients can be used to flavor the increasingly popular spirit. Ideal for summer sipping, the category is rich in options, ranging from fruity to floral to herbaceous and earthy to sweet.

From bottles that are ideal for fruit-forward spritzes, to floral infusions perfect for modern twists on classic cocktails, here are six of our favorite flavored gins, tasted and ranked. See the best flavored gins now! Continue at Source: 6 of the Best Flavored Gins, Tasted and Ranked (2019) | VinePair

4 Absolute Best Irish Whiskey Distilleries To Visit In Dublin

Irish whiskey is one of the fastest growing categories of brown spirits, with distilleries new and old releasing expressions every year that experiment with cask finishes and mash bills. But these days Irish whiskey still isn’t known as a go-to cocktail component.

When most people think of cocktails featuring Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee and the unfortunately named Irish Car Bomb are usually the only things that come to mind. Continue at Source: The Absolute Best Irish Whiskey Distilleries To Visit In Dublin

10 Restaurants That Serve the Best Craft Beer In The US

Craft Beer is created by an independent brewery and can be absolutely delicious. Fancy a beer? Try out these establishments!

Craft Beers are not for everyone, but those who do enjoy them have a passion for finding the best of the best. These beers can come in an assortment of flavors and packagings, but they all have the goal in mind to bring joy to its drinker. People travel the country to visit the numerous breweries across the nation, as they eat and drink their way from state to state.

We have made a list of restaurants who serve the best craft beer in addition to an awesome food selection. This might lead to you adjusting your travel itinerary, but the taste of the end of your journey will make it all worth it. Keep reading to learn about the ten restaurants that serve the best craft beer! Continue at Source: 10 Restaurants That Serve the Best Craft Beer In The US

10 Best Whiskies For Boulevardiers

A cocktail is only as good as the spirits that are in it. With these, you’ll have the best Boulavardier on the boulevard.

5 Best Japanese Whiskies You Can Actually Buy In The US

Move over Scotch, Summer ’19 is for drinking Japanese whisky.

In recent years, the global enthusiasm for Japanese whisky has exploded. This is at least partly due to the fact that whisky expert Jim Murray named a Japanese whisky as the best in the world back in 2015 (Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013). But Murray was only confirming what others knew: Japan makes some really exceptional whisky that every fan of the brown stuff ought to learn to appreciate. In fact, these expressions have grown so popular that right now there’s an all-out panic over shortages.

As with various Scotch brands and some bourbons, the shortage talk is probably more smoke than fire. For now at least, you can still find delicious, well-made, reasonably priced Japanese whiskies at your local liquor store. Hold onto your highballs, folks, you’re in for a treat. Continue at Source: The Best Japanese Whiskies You Can Actually Buy In The US

10 Super-Secret American Speakeasies, Ranked

The draw to something like a speakeasy is the air of mystery that surrounds the term. Back in the Prohibition days, a speakeasy was a hidden bar that enabled night hitters to enjoy a drink or two without the worry of being arrested. Nowadays, however, a speakeasy can be found in just about any city. Well—if you know where to find them.

While some bars who give themselves the label are just dim open-door establishments, there are actually some tucked away bars that you can only get into by knowing its secret entrance or by being privy to a code word. These obscure techniques are a sure-fire way to get travelers to take a peek into their establishment– with the promise of discretion.  Haven’t found any of these hot spots on your own? Check out the 10 super-secret American speakeasies, ranked. Source: 10 Super-Secret American Speakeasies, Ranked

12 Best Single Malt Scotch Brands to Drink Now

Not all scotch whisky is smoky enough to set off a fire alarm—but sometimes that’s the most interesting kind.

Single malt scotch may get all the accolades, but the truth is that the best-selling whiskies coming out of Scotland are actually the blends. Still, single malts better speak to the character of a particular distillery from a specific region of Scotland, for obvious reasons. Everything from the water to the still size to the barley affects the distillate, and from there the barrel type and size, and the location of the warehouse, determine what the whisky will actually taste like once it’s mature and ready to be bottled. A blended scotch, however, diffuses the characteristics and flavor of the whisky by combining liquid from various distilleries, and often with grain whisky or neutral grain spirits. Continue at Source: The Hands-Down Best Single Malt Scotch to Drink Right Now

10 Gorgeous Craft Breweries Every Booze Lover Should Visit

Beer is a staple indulgence that is old as time itself. Craft brews, however, are a relatively new concept. Craft beers are typically defined as small and independent brewers that distribute their beer on a local scale. Craft beers are said to be cooked with more attention to detail and flavor than your standard Bud Light, which is why the craft beer craze has been ongoing.

Craft breweries are popping up not only in the U.S., but around the world. It’s proven itself to be an advantageous and delicious expedition that beer enthusiasts can’t get enough of. Some dedicated brewers take their crafting adventures further than just the beer glass and label, however. The following companies are using their ornate crafting abilities to turn their breweries into works of art on par with the beers that they serve. Check out these ten gorgeous craft breweries that every booze lover should visit. Continue at Source: 10 Gorgeous Craft Breweries Every Booze Lover Should Visit