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10 of the most stunning natural landscapes in America

Some of Mother Nature’s finest work.

So wrote iconic American author Jack Kerouac in the novel that inspired a million journeys, On The Road. It’s a book that lies close to the American heart, speaking to a love of adventure and the pursuit of happiness. To this day in Kerouac’s spiritual home of San Francisco, book vendors keep copies of On The Road behind the counter due to the frequency with which it is shoplifted by financially challenged travellers chasing the writer’s hedonistic dream. On the Road gave birth to the great American road trip. Long stretches of picturesque highway. Windows down and the stereo up. Historic Route 66.

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10 Otherworldly European Landscapes That Will Leave You Breathless

Besides having a rich cultural history and many historic landmarks, there are some gorgeous natural landscapes in Europe. From the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean, there is a huge variety of geography in this little continent. Wilderness backpackers don’t need to travel to the farthest reaches of the planet for amazing scenery.

What’s even more fascinating is seeing how humans have influenced these landscapes over thousands of years. Infrastructure from centuries ago has often shaped Europe’s countryside, turning naturally idyllic scenery into picturesque fairytale landscapes. In this list of 10 of Europe’s most ethereal places, you’ll find both untouched natural beauty and places where nature and culture collide. Continue at Source: 10 Otherworldly European Landscapes That Will Leave You Breathless

10 Most Photogenic Volcanic Landscapes In The World

Much of the Earth’s crust has been shaped by volcanoes over billions of years–and is ever-changing due to active volcanoes. Build-ups of ash, pumice, and cinder create the conical shape we associate with volcanoes, but they can also result in impressive rock formations including columns, beaches, even entire islands. Continue at Source: The Most Photogenic Volcanic Landscapes In The World

24 most extraordinary landscapes on Earth

Benjamin Graham/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

24 of the world’s most unusual landscapes CNN Kingley Vale, Sussex, United Kingdom: Some of the twisted and ancient yew trees on this 204.4-hectare site date back at least 2,000 years. Benjamin Graham/Barcroft Media/Getty Images Fairy Chimneys, Turkey: A geological marvel, these unusual rock formations are the result of the surrounding, softer rock eroding over thousands of years. See more at Source: 24 of the world’s most unusual landscapes

Most beautiful landscapes in Europe

If you want to «travel far away» while staying in Europe, the best idea is to discover the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Discover the most beautiful European landscapes with the Azoresbut also the wonderful Douro Valley in Portugal. You probably already know the Mont Saint-Michel but what about Bonifacio, Hallstatt, Hallerbos Forest or the Lofoten Islands?

Choose your most beautiful landscape and book your stay in one of the best European destinations.

Do you want more? Discover the second page of this ranking with some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

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