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10 Instagrammable Locations In Seoul

Seoul is the metropolitan capital of South Korea. Home to nearly 10 million residents, it is a city notorious for its fashion, food, music, and of course — iconic sites. Whether it is your first time stepping foot in the city or if you’re a resident, you’ll never run out of places for those perfect Instagram shots. After all, we all know that upping your Instagram feed is one of the top priorities during any trip.

If you’re looking to check out the fashion districts, old style Hanok villages or maybe just some cute cafes — Seoul’s got you covered. With the land space of 234 square miles, there are a number of different boroughs in Seoul, each with their own flair. Whether your aesthetic is posh, outdoorsy, or whimsical, there are sections in the city that can accommodate anyone’s Instafeed. If there was a city that was made for Instagram, Seoul is definitely it. Keep reading to find out some of Seoul’s most Instagram-able locations. Continue Reading: 10 Instagrammable Locations In Seoul


10 Unique Attractions You Can Only Experience In Korea

Beauty, culture, and uniqueness – Korea offers many attractions that satisfy all three of these criteria.

While there is tons of history that South Korea has to offer, the Land of the Morning Calm also has quite a wild side to it. Beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and technological advancements are not all that Korea is known for. It is also loved for all of the wonderfully bizarre concepts that are open for anyone to visit.

You may be surprised to learn about some of the lesser known things waiting to be discovered in Korea. With a population of 51 million people, there’s guaranteed to be a couple of oddballs with some brilliant ideas for entertainment. Here are 10 unique attractions you can only experience in Korea. Continue at Source: 10 Unique Attractions You Can Only Experience In Korea

Korean Fire Chicken (Buldak): A Song of Spice and Fire #food #Korean #kitchen #recipes #cuisine #Asian

This Korean bar snack will make you forget all about Buffalo wings.

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