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Things you might not know at 4 most popular cities in the world

Spectacular landmarks, iconic neighbourhoods, legendary restaurants and incredible shopping — we love the world’s most popular destinations for many reasons.

You may well have been there, done that when it comes to the famous attractions in these great cities. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find endless hidden gems, making repeat visits a different experience every time. See more at Source: What you’re overlooking in the world’s most popular cities


How tourism led Dubai from poverty to riches

Dubai was once one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets, but today, it is the travel hotspot on everyone’s lips. In the past, Dubai was one of the poorest cities in the world. Since its tourism boom, the economy has also experienced a welcome boost. In fact, tourism contributed over $64 billion to the UAE’s economy in 2016 alone, and this is a figure that is set to double by the year 2026. It is an inspiration to many other hopeful destinations, but just how has tourism led Dubai from poverty to riches?

Source: How tourism led Dubai from poverty to riches

7 of the Best Books About Wine for New Connoisseurs

We love wine. But how much do we really know about it? These books about wine will teach you to taste, order, and discuss it like the fancypants you are. READ MORE …

How to Talk About the Way Wine Tastes Without Sounding Like a Jerk

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7 health benefits of spicy food every hot sauce lover needs to know about

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You Don’t Have to Understand Wine to Enjoy It

“My deficiencies in the note-detecting department in no way stop me from enthusiastically enjoying the stuff.”

Source: You Don’t Have to Understand Wine to Enjoy It