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VIDEO: Chinese man beats Kenyan worker like slave – WATCH

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya police say four Chinese migrant workers have been arrested following a widely circulated video appearing to show one of them caning a Kenyan worker for arriving late at a restaurant they all work in.

The video has led to outrage by many Kenyans on social media who likened it to the treatment of Kenyans by British colonists or slavery.

Police said three of those arrested Sunday have no valid work permits while one had an expired visitors visa. Authorities said Deng Hailan, the suspect who appeared to be caning the Kenyan, works as a chef at the Chez Wou restaurant in Nairobi but does not have a valid work permit.

Source: Video of Chinese man caning Kenyan worker sparks outrage

BREAKING Video: 3 Americans Killed as Al-Shabab extremists attack US military base in Kenya destroys aircraft, vehicles – WATCH

Officials say an American service member and two U.S. contractors were killed in an extremist attack Sunday in Kenya.

The U.S. military says Al-Shabab extremists overran a military base shared with Kenyan forces on the coast of the east African country.

The attackers destroyed several U.S. aircraft and vehicles at the base used by U.S. counter-terror forces.

The U.S. statement said two Americans from the Department of Defense were also wounded in the assault.

Source: Three Americans killed in attack on U.S. base in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya — Al-Shabab extremists overran a key military base used by U.S. counterterror forces in Kenya before dawn Sunday, destroying U.S. aircraft and vehicles, Kenyan authorities said.

It was the al-Qaida-linked group’s first attack against U.S. forces in the East African country, and the military called the security situation “fluid” several hours after the assault.

It was not yet clear whether any U.S. or Kenyan forces were killed.

Source: Al-Shabab attacks military base used by US forces in Kenya

Man goes pee only to find his PENIS Missing =>

A 51-year-old man’s genitals were hacked off while he slept after a night of drinking with friends in a ‘horrific cannibal attack’, according to reports.

Moses Wanyoike only realised his genitals were missing when he went to the toilet and looked down after spending the night at a friend’s house in Muranga, Kenya.

Those who lived nearby were called to join in the hunt for the missing piece so it could be reattached but no trace could be found.

Source: Horrified man, 51, has his genitals ripped off in horrific cannibal attack

Best airline to fly to Kenya according to SI Swimsuit 

Kenya Airways is a member of the Sky Team Alliance, the second-largest airline alliance globally which includes Delta and Air France KLM.

Source: Best airline to fly to Kenya according to SI Swimsuit | SI.com