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6 Best Day Trips from Berlin

There’s a lot to see and do in Berlin. But it’s also good to get out of the city sprawl for a day and see another side of Germany. You can explore palaces, cathedrals, castles, nature, or even have lunch in an entirely different country. And then get back to the Berlin debauchery when the sun goes down. Here are the six best day trips from Berlin. Continue at Source: 6 Best Day Trips from Berlin


3 of The World’s 4 Biggest Caves Are in The Skinniest Part of The Slender Nation of Vietnam

Hidden beneath the lush jungles of central Vietnam lies a deep subterranean labyrinth that holds three of the world’s four biggest caves.

You won’t bump your head in the caves of central Vietnam’s Quang Binh province. Not when they’re big enough to fit a 40-storey building.

Three of the world’s four biggest caves are in this skinniest part of the slender nation. Hundreds of other limestone caves housing deep grottoes and underground rivers are here too, with new caverns discovered every year. They’re welcome news for this area, just north of the demilitarised zone that split North and South Vietnam from 1954 until 1975. The US bombed here extensively during the Vietnam War (one crater is used as the site of an outdoor bar), and poverty hit hard for more than a decade afterwards. Continue at Source: Vietnam’s vast underground world

10 Cities That Are Perfect For A Quick Layover

A long layover is a traveler’s worst nightmare. Well, that’s what we all think, but have you ever considered leaving the airport and exploring a new city? It’s like a vacation in a vacation!

It doesn’t even matter if you have only a few hours, or if you choose to extend your trip with one of the many airline layover programs available. Some airports are so close to the city that you can explore stress-free, and not have to worry about sitting in an uncomfortable airport. Let’s discover 10 cities that are perfect for a quick layover. Some of them might just surprise you! Continue at Source: 10 Cities That Are Perfect For A Quick Layover

50 Essential Western Travel Experiences

From hiking and rafting to wineries and food halls, these are the experiences that define the West. Consider this your ultimate to-do list—and start making travel plans!

“You hope you’ll be right side up at the other end.” That’s how late rafting legend (and former Sunseteditor) Martin Litton described running the Colorado through this greatest of gorges. Sometimes you have to test yourself against the most nature can throw at you. This is one of those times, when you’re soaked and frantically paddling, and the rapids you’re about to meet stir anticipation verging on terror: Sockdolager, Hermit, brutal Lava Falls. Continue at Source: The 50 Essential Western Travel Experiences | Sunset

5 best places in Malawi which can bring you very close to nature

If you’re looking for a visit to any place that can detach you from your busy, exhausting life, we will suggest you consider a South African country, Malawi, which is mainly based on agriculture with a largely rural population. The natural beauty in Malawi is tremendously magnificent and here you will absolutely be able to tune your body and mind with nature and release all stresses of life. This landlocked country around the lands of Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia, has a most important geographical feature – Lake Malawi aka Lake Nyasa. It is the ninth largest lake in the world by area and the fourth largest freshwater lake over the planet by volume. Here, we will help you to explore the best places in Malawi. Continue at Source: Best places in Malawi which can bring you very close to nature

10 Must-Visit Deserts in The Americas

The Americas are a vast region, covering many ecosystems and comprising of many flora and fauna… some found nowhere else in the world. From the northernmost point of the United States, to the southernmost of South America, we delve in to what is found in between these two points to bring you 10 of the must-visit deserts throughout the region.

Over time, nature has taken its course, meaning some cities have had no choice but to be abandoned or moved somewhere else. There is no telling what will happen in the future, so add these natural wonders to your bucket list and check them out before it’s too late! Continue at Source: 10 Must-Visit Deserts in The Americas