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‘I don’t blame Kim Jong Un’ WATCH: President Trump Sides with North Korea As He Fires John Bolton – Press Conference

In a string of extraordinary episodes, the president has aligned himself with one of the world’s most brutal dictators against individual Americans, the intelligence community, the military and U.S. allies.

Source: ‘I don’t blame Kim Jong Un’: In dismissing Bolton, Trump sides with North Korean leader — again


He’s So Tough! WATCH: President Trump Mocks The Fired John Bolton: He Got Us into Iraq

John is somebody that I actually get along with very well. He made some very big mistakes,” Trump said, repeatedly referencing Bolton’s invocation of a “Libya model” for North Korean denuclearization in April 2018.

“It set us back, and frankly, he wanted to do things not necessarily tougher than me,” Trump said. “You know, John’s known as a tough guy. He’s so tough, he got us into Iraq. That’s tough.”

Source: ‘Mr. Tough Guy’: Trump delivers vicious takedown of Bolton

‘Let me guess, you want to nuke them all’: Trump constantly baiting John Bolton in front of officials, report says

Donald Trump likes to goad his national security adviser John Bolton about his lust for military action, according to officials who have spoken out on their relationship.

As Iran claims to have captured spies working for the US and accuses Mr Bolton of trying to start “war of the century”, new details have emerged of the president’s fondness for baiting his adviser in the company of top officials – including foreign dignitaries.