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2019’s Best Places for Summer Jobs

Summer isn’t just a season of daily walks on the beach or picnics at the park. For some people, especially young adults, the warmer months are a time to gain extra spending money or work experience.

But whether you need or want a summer job, where you look for one will matter almost as much as what you do. Obviously, opportunities will be more widely available in some places than in others. And while a job may pay well in one city, the same position may not pay as much in another. Minimum-wage laws and local costs, for instance, will determine how much you earn and consequently what you’ll be able to afford in terms of housing, transportation and social activities. More importantly, if you’re supporting yourself, location will dictate how much of your income you’ll be able to save if that’s your goal.

Source: 2019’s Best Places for Summer Jobs


There’s a Surprising Downside to Having a Job That You Love, According to Science

When passion might be a problem.

New research shows that managers often set extra hours without pay, or give out demeaning tasks to employees, to those who are particularly passionate about what they do. In other words, your love for your job could be used against you.

See the World With These Best Travel Jobs

Jobs that require travel are great for workers who crave a change of scenery.

Whether you’d love jobs that allow you to travel or want to avoid jobs that require travel, it’s helpful to know in advance how often your boss will ask you to leave home. Some of the following professions, which mostly come from the U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs rankings, are jobs that involve travel only if you seek out the right opportunities. Also, make sure to learn more about how to work abroad while traveling. Data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Source: See the World With These Best Travel Jobs

Want to get paid £1,000/week to live on yachts and review them? Then we have the perfect job for you!

We have an exciting job opportunity! To ensure we continue to keep a high standard of products on our site, we have decided to hire a yacht reviewer. You’ll spend a week on a yacht and create a detailed report of everything you find.

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Six ways to travel the world and get paid for it 

Some people cringe at the thought of living out their lives in one place. Others are simply hit by wanderlust and develop an insatiable urge to explore new landscapes and socio-cultural terrains.

While this might indeed be a reflection of self-inflicted pressure targeted at personal development through experiencing the unknown and confronting unforeseen challenges, the exorbitant cost of living such a lifestyle could undoubtedly be discouraging.

But what if you were tipped off on some ways to get paid or earn a sustainable fortune while touring the world? Well, TheCable Lifestyle brings you nine ideas for achieving just that.

Source: Six ways to travel the world and get paid for it – TheCable Lifestyle


After receiving more than 12,500 applications last year, the hottest gig of the summer is back. This time, Days Inn by Wyndham is looking for an adventure-driven storyteller with a passion for writing, photography, and international travel. During a two-week internship in August 2019, our Suntern will chronicle unforgettable experiences through travel journals and sunlit photos.

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