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12 BEST Japanese spots in Houston in case you come by to try

Here are the Top 12 Japanese restaurants in the Houston area, according to Good Taste. Listed in alphabetical order: Akashi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar 25760 Kuykendahl Rd. Tomball, Texas 281-651-5151 Japanese and Chinese come together in harmony at this Creekside hot spot in Tomball.

Source: Top 12 Japanese spots in Houston

5 Best Japanese Whiskies You Can Actually Buy In The US

Move over Scotch, Summer ’19 is for drinking Japanese whisky.

In recent years, the global enthusiasm for Japanese whisky has exploded. This is at least partly due to the fact that whisky expert Jim Murray named a Japanese whisky as the best in the world back in 2015 (Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013). But Murray was only confirming what others knew: Japan makes some really exceptional whisky that every fan of the brown stuff ought to learn to appreciate. In fact, these expressions have grown so popular that right now there’s an all-out panic over shortages.

As with various Scotch brands and some bourbons, the shortage talk is probably more smoke than fire. For now at least, you can still find delicious, well-made, reasonably priced Japanese whiskies at your local liquor store. Hold onto your highballs, folks, you’re in for a treat. Continue at Source: The Best Japanese Whiskies You Can Actually Buy In The US

7 Best Sushi and Sashimi Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Craving raw fish, agadashi tofu and premium sake? We picked for you the leading sushi joints in Tel Aviv.

This establishment has been in business for over 25 years and that’s beginning to show – but credit must be given where it’s due. From the start, Yakimono offered high-quality, carefully prepared sushi that’s the closest to what you’ll get in Japan. Without compromising on ingredients, the restaurant offers exceptional dishes that you won’t find in other places – some of them based on Japanese yellowtail and river eel. Along with sushi, there are also unique salads, dim sum and numerous hot dishes on the menu. Continue at Source: Tel Aviv’s Best 7 Sushi and Sashimi Restaurants

Top 4 Long Beach’s Japanese spots

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top Japanese spots around Long Beach. Here’s a rundown of top businesses in the city, with ratings, photos and more.

Topping the list is Aburi Sushi. Located at 4201 E. Willow St. in Long Beach, the sushi bar and Japanese spot is the most popular Japanese restaurant in Long Beach, boasting 4.5 stars out of 1,633 reviews on Yelp. Continue at Source: Here are Long Beach’s top 4 Japanese spots

10 Best Sushi Restaurants in South Florida

South Florida has a bounty of fresh fish at its disposal. Yet, despite the region’s proximity to the ocean and the seemingly endless fresh catches that land on plates year-round, attempting to find equally fresh sushi is often a challenge.

From indulgent omakase experiences to menus rife with dozens of specialty rolls and buffet-style spaces that churn out sushi and sashimi on rotating conveyor belts, these are the top sushi restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Continue at Source: The Ten Best Sushi Restaurants in South Florida

I tried a top-grade $240 Olive Wagyu steak to see if it’s worth the money

As a former food writer, I’ve eaten a lot of expensive steak. But an A5 Olive Wagyu — a top quality, hard-to-get steak from Japanese cows that are fed toasted olive peels — stood apart from all the others.

Source: I tried a top-grade $240 Olive Wagyu steak to see if it’s worth the money