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Catholic Non-Profit Opus Bono Provides Care for THOUSANDS of Priests Who Accused of Conducting Sexual Abuse Across the Country

Opus Bono successfully forged networks within the church hierarchy.

Stripped of their collars and cassocks, they went unnoticed in a series of tiny Midwestern towns as they were escorted into dingy warehouses and offices. Neighbors had no idea some of them might have been accused sexual predators.

For nearly two decades, a small nonprofit group called Opus Bono Sacerdotii has operated out of unmarked buildings in rural Michigan, providing money, shelter, transport, legal help and other support to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse.

Source: Priests accused of sex abuse turned to under-the-radar group


Photo released of blindfolded teen suspected of fatally stabbing officer in Rome

Two American teenagers are in custody tonight in Rome. They are suspects in the stabbing death of a policeman. Police are investigating the release of a disturbing photo that shows one of the suspects blind-folded and handcuffed. Seth Doane reports.

Source: Photo released of blindfolded teen suspected of fatally stabbing officer in Rome

Two Americans arrested in Rome over killing of Italian police officer: Stabbed him multiple times to death

Rome (CNN) – Two 19-year-old Americans have been arrested while on vacation in Rome over the murder of an Italian police officer Friday, Italian police told CNN Saturday.

The Carabinieri police force said in a statement that the pair were arrested Friday night for “the crime of aggravated murder and attempted extortion.”

Police named the suspects as Christian Gabriel Natale Hjorth and Elder Finnegan Lee, and said both were from San Francisco, California. Photos of the pair have not been released.
Italian police officer Mario Cerciello Rega was stabbed eight times at 2 a.m. local time on Friday, in the Prati neighborhood of Rome on Via Pietro Cossa, near the hotel where the two young men were staying, police said. Officer Rega was declared dead at 4:30 a.m.

Source: Two Americans arrested in Rome over killing of police officer

Verona & 9 Other Gorgeous Italian Towns You Have To Visit

Travelers flock to Rome and Venice… but there are so many other places to travel to in the beautiful land of Italy. These 10 towns can’t be missed.

When visiting Italy, many travelers flock to the most renowned destinations like Rome, Venice, and Florence. While these are wonderful cities, the country also boasts endless towns and villages that are full of old-world charm and equally wonderful. They offer all the fascinating history, architecture, and culture of the main cities, just without the crowds of tourists.

7 Most Luxurious Hotels in Positano

There’s a reason the novel The Talented Mr. Ripley occurs on the Amalfi Coast and that the film adaptation was filmed in Positano. The entire storyhinges upon the prodigal (and privileged) son who refuses to return home to “subways and taxis and starched collars and a nine-to five job,” preferring to stay within the endless summer of the Amalfi Coast: “It isn’t as much fun as sailing a boat in old clothes and being answerable to nobody.”

Source: The 7 Most Luxurious Hotels in Positano

11 Ways To Spend A Perfect Weekend On The Italian Riviera

Avoid a lot of the crowds and head to Rapallo, a tranquil and beautiful resort with plenty to see and do. It’s also a perfect spot for exploring nearby seaside gems like Portofino and the Cinque Terre.

While Portofino and Cinque Terre are the best-known spots on the Italian Riviera today, Rapallo is a destination that can provide all you want for a perfect weekend (or longer) getaway. As one of Italy’s first modern seaside resorts, a place the beau monde flocked to in the early 20th century, it has glamour and history, along with incredible seascapes. Rapallo’s prime location makes it easy to visit most anywhere on the Riviera di Levante, the halcyon strip of coast that runs from Genoa to Portovenere.

Here are 11 ways to have a perfect (preferably extended) weekend here.

Source: 11 Ways To Spend A Perfect Weekend On The Italian Riviera

5 best places to visit in Italy which will make you fall in love

“Travel brings love and power back into your life” – Rumi

It is a very well known fact that travel does bring about a change in our mindsets. It brings in a much needed psychological change which helps us in becoming alive. Be it a broken heart, a much in love couple, someone wanting to explore, girls heading out to set major #BFFGoals or for any regular person who is looking for a break; travel fits the bill in every possible situation.

While traveling on a budget in Asia is an easy drill, Europe tends to get a little heavier on our pocket. However, the experience is worth the money shelled out. Europe has legit being through a lot. Be it the breath-takingly stunning scenic beauty, classic and vintage architecture or their “to-die for” food and culture, Europe sits on top for its elitist vibe.

Source: Best places to visit in Italy which will make you fall in love

8 best beaches in Sicily that will have you dreaming of a holiday immediately

Sicily isn’t always the first choice for those after beach holidays, but it definitely should be on your radar.

In fact, the island off the coast of Italy has everything you could want for picture-perfect beach break.

We’re talking pristine sandy beaches, swim-friendly azure waters and heaps of breathtaking landscapes forming the backdrops.

While the beaches do draw in the crowds during peak seasons, it’s not quite the volume you’ll find in the likes of Spain, which can be ideal for those who prefer to escape the main hustle and bustle (although there are still plenty of spots with a vibrant atmosphere) … continue reading Best beaches in Sicily that will have you dreaming of a holiday immediately

10 Delicious Things To Eat In Italy Besides Pizza

Italy is known as the land of delicious carbs such as pizza (and pasta, of course). But there are so many other foods that tourists should check out.

Most travelers visiting Italy have dreams of days filled with pizza, pasta, and gelato. While you should definitely indulge in these well-known treats during your stay in Italy (since they’re the best in the world here), you might also like to broaden your horizons and sample some Italian delicacies that aren’t so common.

From street food to trattoria favorites, there are endless dishes to try (and become obsessed with) in Italy. Every region has its own culinary signature waiting for you to literally sink your teeth into.

Keep reading to find out what delicious things you can eat in Italy that aren’t pizza. … continue reading 10 Delicious Things To Eat In Italy Besides Pizza

10 Photos That Prove Italy Is The Most Beautiful Country On Earth

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations on earth, and it’s no wonder. From the hub of Florence or along the Amalfi Coast; Italy is, arguably, one of the most beautiful places to discover and explore. One of the most famous Italian phrases ‘la dolce vita’ or the sweet life perfectly encapsulates the local lifestyle.  Few parts of the world can claim so rich a history of art, architecture, music and food – or so intense a range of natural beauty. Here, a curation of the most awe-inspiring Italian destinations to inspire your next vacation. Continue at Source: 10 Photos That Prove Italy Is The Most Beautiful Country On Earth