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Dressing Up As A Viking, & 9 Other Must-Do Things In Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has so much more to do than just go to the pub… although that’s certainly a must-do Irish experience!

Known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, colorful culture, and friendly locals, Dublin is one place you’ll want to add to your bucket list. There are endless things to do and see in the Irish capital city, ranging from dressing up as a Viking and feeling like a leprechaun at the city’s most famous museum, to strolling through the iconic streets and parks that give Dublin its unique character.

There’s no city quite like Dublin, and with all the sights and activities on offer, it’s impossible to be bored here. Keep reading to find out what 10 brilliant things you should do in Dublin.

Source: Dressing Up As A Viking, & 9 Other Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland


17 Best Pubs in Ireland

There are so many different ways to judge the top pubs in Ireland. Length of time in business, popularity, unique features, best pulled pints and poured cocktails, the quality of the craic and live music.

Thankfully, the folks at MailOnline Travel have shared their ranking of the best pubs in Ireland. If you’re trying to pick which pubs to prioritize on your next trip to Ireland, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Source: Ireland’s very best pubs revealed

10 Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland

Last month was Food and Drink month here on IrishCentral, so we asked you to tell us where the best place to eat in Ireland is.

Almost 200 IrishCentral readers responded to our survey, telling us where their favorite place in Ireland was and why.

Not surprisingly, “great food,” “friendly people,” and “music” were among the most popular reasons readers cited a pub or restaurant as their favorite:… continue reading Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland, according to you!

5 Best Beaches in Dublin

Now Ireland may not be known for its epic weather. In fact, aside from Irish people’s obsession with commentating on it, it is generally pretty mediocre.

Grey skies and rain are as common as potatoes in Ireland (so remember to pack a rain jacket and some comfy waterproof gear when visiting the Emerald Isle), but so is the chance of unexpected sunny blue skies (so pack layers, too!).

Our Summers are not (usually) excessively hot and our Winters rarely drop a few degrees Celsius below zero. This means that although the weather isn’t glorious all of the time, it’s not the absolute worst, either.

Seeing as Ireland has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe, we’ve learned to acclimate to our weather and enjoy the natural wonders this small island has to offer, regardless of the outside temperature. Continue at Source: The 5 Best Beaches in Dublin

5 Best Beaches in Wicklow, Ireland

Wicklow (also known as the “garden of Ireland”) has some of the most stunning beaches in all of Ireland, not to mention Europe.

Unfortunately, though, Wicklow also has – like the rest of Ireland – some of the most unexpectedly random weather.

Warm blue-sky days can quickly change to overcast and dull. And oftentimes, unannounced winds can sweep across the sea bringing rain with them, and turning a beach day from the top to please stop.

While the mid-year months in Ireland are much warmer than Winter, they too can pose a threat to a day at the beach. However, being from the island of Ireland, locals have become accustomed to this reality. Continue at Source: The 5 Best Beaches in Wicklow

Top 5 places you can see dolphins on a trip to Ireland

Watching for dolphins is a popular pastime in Ireland. Many tours offer the exciting opportunity to experience them in their natural habitat.

Ireland is a little island located in Europe. To the East lies the Irish Sea and the United Kingdom; to the West lies the wild Atlantic Ocean offering a straight shot to Canada and the United States.

The Emerald Isle is known for its dynamic native flora and fauna. Ancient and electric, the Irish landscape – and waterways – are bursting with life, offering tourists and locals natural attractions which are unique to Ireland. Continue at Source: The top 5 places you can see dolphins on a trip to Ireland

4 Absolute Best Irish Whiskey Distilleries To Visit In Dublin

Irish whiskey is one of the fastest growing categories of brown spirits, with distilleries new and old releasing expressions every year that experiment with cask finishes and mash bills. But these days Irish whiskey still isn’t known as a go-to cocktail component.

When most people think of cocktails featuring Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee and the unfortunately named Irish Car Bomb are usually the only things that come to mind. Continue at Source: The Absolute Best Irish Whiskey Distilleries To Visit In Dublin

10 Galway’s best-kept secrets

Top place to visit in Galway, according to a local! From a cup of tea to kicking walls, this is what the City of the Tribes is all about.

It’s the only city on the Wild Atlantic Way and next year it’s set to become the European Capital of Culture. Galway is a small city on the west coast of Irelandwhich consistently punches well above its weight and should be a “must see” destination on any trip to the Emerald Isle.

Visitors to the City of the Tribes are consistently amazed by the sheer variety of entertainment on offer and energetic nightlife to be found in a city which has only about 80,000 inhabitants, but during the peak tourist season, it feels like so much more. Continue at Source: A local’s guide to ten of Galway’s best-kept secrets

48 hours in Waterford: Our top tips on where to stay, eat and drink

Famous for its mouth-watering blaas, beautiful crystal and unspoiled beaches, it’s no surprise the Viking County is swelled with tourists year on year.

Visit the home of Waterford Crystal and take a journey to see exquisite pieces of crystal created before your very eyes. Visitors can enjoy all aspects of the manufacturing process through the guided factory tour. On completion of the tour, experience more than 12,000 square feet of crystal heaven with the largest collection of Waterford Crystal in the world. Continue at Source: 48 hours in Waterford: Our top tips on where to stay, eat and drink

Top 10 hotels in Belfast

Belfast is a popular tourist destination in Ireland. The city has undergone significant gentrification in recent years, and with the addition of major cultural sights such as the Titanic Belfast, attraction to the city continues to grow.

Belfast takes the title of capital of Northern Ireland. It offers endless opportunity for fun and adventure, history and culture. Without a doubt, Belfast definitely shouldn’t be ruled out on a trip to the Emerald Isle.

Check out the top ten hotels in Belfast, according to Booking.com, a leading travel reservation platform and review site. Only hotels with over 200 reviews have been taken into consideration. Continue at Source: 10 TOP hotels in Belfast, according to Booking.com