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WATCH: Iran President Takes Down Meeting with Trump: ‘No talks with US unless bans lifted, Iran rights respected’

President Hassan Rouhani says the United States should lift all its “cruel” and “unlawful” sanctions against Iran and begin respecting the nation’s rights as a “first step” towards dialog, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic will not engage in any negotiations for the mere sake of photo opportunities.

The Iranian president made the remarks on Tuesday, one day after French President Emmanuel Macron expressed hopes for a meeting between Rouhani and his American counterpart, Donald Trump, “in the next few weeks.”

“We seek to resolve issues and problems in a rational way but we are not after photos. For anyone wanting to take a picture with Hassan Rouhani, this is not possible” unless that party chooses to set aside all the oppressive sanctions and respect the Iranian nation’s rights, the Iranian president said in a speech aired live on state television.

Source: PressTV-‘No talks with US unless bans lifted, Iran rights respected’


Macron SLAMS Brazilian president for sharing Facebook post mocking his wife’s appearance after her comment over Amazon wildfires

MACRON has blasted Bolsonaro for appearing to support a sexist Facebook post about his wife, calling the Brazilian leader as “not up to the job” as tensions over the Amazon fires escalate.

The French President described his Brazilian counterpart as “extremely disrespectful” and “sad” for seemingly mocking the French first lady’s looks.

Source: Macron blasts ‘sad’ Brazilian president as ‘not up to the job’ after Bolsanaro shared sexist Facebook post about French leader’s wife who criticised Amazon wildfires

OOPS: Trump DESTROYS G7 Dinner by Requesting Russia to be Rejoined the Group

Donald Trump has rowed with his fellow G7 leaders over his demand that Russia be readmitted to the group, rejecting arguments that it should remain an association of liberal democracies, according to diplomats at the summit in Biarritz.

The disagreement led to heated exchanges at a dinner on Saturday night inside the seaside resort’s 19th-century lighthouse. According to diplomatic sources, Trump argued strenuously that Vladimir Putin should be invited back, five years after Russia was ejected from the then G8) for its annexation of Crimea.

Of the other leaders around the table, only Giuseppe Conte, the outgoing Italian prime minister, offered Trump any support, according to this account. Shinzo Abe of Japan was neutral. The rest – the UK’s Boris Johnson, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, the EU council president, Donald Tusk, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron – pushed back firmly against the suggestion.

“On that point … it became a bit tense to say the least,” a European diplomat said. “Most of the other leaders insisted on this being a family, a club, a community of liberal democracies and for that reason they said you cannot allow President Putin – who does not represent that – back in.”

Source: G7: Trump’s demands for Russia’s readmission cause row in Biarritz

ANALYSIS: Trump Winning Trade War with China

China’s war on the American economy started long ago with intellectual property theft, high tariffs, and other unfair trade practices that past presidential administrations refused to confront. With Donald Trump in the White House, Beijing’s actions have consequences.

“Make no mistake about it, the trade war is absolutely remapping global supply chains … to the detriment of Chinese manufacturing,” Kenneth Rapoza wrote in a recent article and he’s right.

Companies have been exiting China ever since the trade war began and now many more are making plans to move.

“The reality is many companies have been thinking about leaving, anyway,” said William Reinsch, a trade expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Labor costs are going up in China, the regime is repressive, and American companies continue to suffer discrimination.”

Source: Trump Winning Trade War with China

BREAKING: China Will Raise Tariffs On Beef, Pork – Trump Calls Companies Home

Chinese officials on Friday announced increased tariffs on a host of U.S. agricultural goods, including a 10% increase on beef and pork. It was the latest salvo in response to U.S. duties on $300 billion of Chinese imports. It also comes as China is forced to increase imports of pork and beef due to African swine fever.

President Donald Trump responded. “We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them. The vast amounts of money made and stolen by China from the United States, year after year, for decades, will and must STOP,” Trump tweeted.

“Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.”

Source: China Will Raise Tariffs On Beef, Pork – Trump Calls Companies Home

BREAKING: Dow falls 620 points as U.S.-China trade war escalates

Beijing announced Friday it would impose new tariffs on American soybeans, crude oil, and cars — prompting a sharp response from President Trump.

The stock market fell sharply on Friday, after China announced it would slap retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods and President Donald Trump vowed to fight back.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 621 points, a dip of about 2.37 percent, after a series of tit-for-tat tweets by the president that ordered American companies to find alternatives to China. The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 each tumbled by 3 percent and 2.59 percent, respectively.

Markets had been higher earlier in the day, ahead of a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who has been repeatedly lambasted by Trump for not lowering rates more readily.

Source: Dow falls 620 points as U.S.-China trade war escalates