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WATCH: Michael Jordan Flooded with Tears Remembering Kobe Bryant [FULL SPEECH]

VIDEO: FedEx Driver Respectfully Picks Up and Folds American Flag Falling on the Ground – WATCH – He’ll Meet President Trump Soon?

FREEHOLD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An act of patriotism was caught on camera. A FedEx driver went above an beyond last week to show respect to the American flag.

The winds were whipping Friday in Freehold, so much so that Rick Guerino’s flag pole came tumbling down on his front yard. While at work, he got an alert from his Ring doorbell camera.

Source: Patriotism Goes Viral: FedEx Driver Stops To Pick Up N.J. Homeowner’s Flag After Pole Is Blown Over

VIDEO: Customer slams shoplifter with shopping cart assisting police arrest at Walmart – WATCH

Footage captured the incredible timing of a Walmart shopper who made a shoplifting suspect fall over.

Authorities in Peachtree City, Georgia have shared video of a Walmart customer aiding police in catching a shoplifting suspect.

In the video, a police officer is running through the parking lot after the suspect. The customer hears them coming, turns around, and rams his cart into the suspect at just the right time.

Source: CAUGHT ON CAM: Walmart customer throws cart into shoplifter to help police

VIDEO: Baby sinking into pool bottom saved by 9-year-old girl and godmother – Michgan – WATCH

LIVONIA, Mich. — A quick-thinking 9-year-old is being called a hero for alerting adults to a deadly danger at a Holiday Inn Express Pool.

Dozens of people were enjoying the hotel pool on Jan. 24 in Livonia, Michigan.

Surveillance video shows a toddler sink to the bottom of the pool.

“He’s trying to swim. He’s trying to get in a position to get upright. There’s a lot of people playing. I think he gets lost in the confusion,” Capt. Ron Taig said to WXYZ.

Source: Video shows drowning toddler saved by quick-thinking 9-year-old and her heroic godmother

WATCH: Little ‘Elsa’ goes viral singing ‘Let It Go’ during snow in home backyard 

A video posted on social media, showing a little girl from Texas dressed as Elsa, singing “Let It Go” from “Frozen” is going viral, capturing hearts across the world.

Kristi Michele said it’s been five years since they had snow like this. “Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene!” Michele said in the Facebook post, which has been shared about 730,000 times on Facebook.

Source: Little girl goes viral singing ‘Let It Go’ while dressed as Elsa during snow

WATCH: Canadian man uses his coffee to free 3 kittens whose tails were frozen to the ground

Three kittens were in serious peril until Kendall Diwisch’s quick-thinking — and a cup of coffee — saved their lives.

Diwisch was at the right place at the right time. He was driving down a back road near one of his wells in Alberta, Canada, when he noticed a trio of kittens in the middle of the road.

When he took a closer look, he realized their tails were frozen to the ground. He quickly rushed back to his truck, grabbed his coffee mug and used the warm brew to set the cats free.

Source: WATCH: A man used his coffee to free three kittens whose tails were frozen to the ground