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Teacher Rapes 6-Year-Old in School’s Toilet 

A teacher of a private school in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda was arrested for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl student, police said on Sunday.

“The teacher, a distant relative of the girl, asked her and her younger brother to stay back after the classes, saying he would give them tuition. Subsequently, he sent the girl’s brother to a shop to buy toffees and allegedly raped her in the school toilet,” Circle officer said.

“When the girl’s brother returned, he heard her sister cry from the toilet. On knocking the door, the accused opened it and escaped,” Omprakash said.

Source: UP Teacher Asks 6-Year-Old To Stay Post Class, Rapes Her In School: Cops


UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: Car flies through the air from overpass, plunges down to people on street in India – WATCH

A car skids off a flyover and comes crashing down on the road below killing one and injuring six, in dramatic visuals that have emerged from Hyderabad.

A woman, who was waiting for an autorickshaw with her daughter on the road, was killed in the accident.

Source: On Camera, Speeding Car Skids Off Hyderabad Flyover, Crashes, Kills 1

Indian woman kills husband, buries him under kitchen and keeps cooking food over it – WATCH

A bizarre incident has come to the fore in Madhya Pradesh’s Anuppur district where a 32-year-old woman has been accused of killing her husband, burying him under the kitchen slab where she managed to hide the body for over a month.

It all started a month back when advocate Mahesh Banawal, 35, was reported missing from his house at Karondi village on October 22.

Source: MP woman kills husband, buries him under kitchen slab and continues to cook food over a month

Woman born with 20 toes, 12 fingers labeled ‘Witch’ in India – WATCH

The 63-year-old said her neighbors believe that the extra digits mean she is a witch.

A woman in India who was born with 10 extra toes and 12 fingers said her neighbors “believe that I am a witch” due to the abnormality, but that she can’t afford treatment.

“I was born with this defect and I couldn’t be treated as we belonged to a poor family,” Kumar Nayak, of Odisha, told SWNS. “It’s been 63 years [since] I have been in the condition I am today. The residents nearby believe that I am a witch and keep away from me. But sometimes more visitors come to see my condition.”

Source: Woman born with 20 toes, 12 fingers says neighbors call her a ‘witch’

VIDEO: Little girl falls 2 story-building from zip line at at Raipur’s Radiant Way, India – WATCH

A young girl in India fell from a terrifying height when a zip line activity at her primary school went terribly wrong.

The girl, Kartisha, fell from a two-story building — a height of approximately 30 feet (9m), though it has also been reported as 25 feet (7.6m).

The incident at Raipur’s Radiant Way school happened on 12 November. The girl was rushed to hospital with severe injuries.

Source: Terrifying moment a young girl falls 30 feet from zip line at Indian school

Indian royal family has listed their PALACE on Airbnb and you can stay in a lavish suite with its own private pool

YOU can now spend the night at a palace owned by a royal family in India for the first time. Starting from $1,000 (£780) a night, you could experience the luxury City Palace of Jaipur. You can now stay in Jaipur’s Royal Palace[/caption] Owned by the Jaipur Royal Family, His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh, 21, is the first to offer his royal residence on Airbnb .

Source: Indian royal family has listed their PALACE on Airbnb and you can stay in a lavish suite with its own private pool