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StandardToilet you’d NOT want to sit longer than 5 minutes on it invented by a British company – WATCH

A business in the United Kingdom is hoping to reduce the time employees spend in the bathroom by creating a tilted toilet that is aimed at limiting bathroom breaks to five minutes.

The company is called StandardToilet and it was approved by the British Toilet Association in November. The BTA is a member group that pushes for better bathrooms. Mahabir Gill, who founded the StandardToilet, told WIRED that the porcelain throne is angled 13 degrees lower than a normal toilet.

After five minutes of sitting, the angled toilet will cause strain on the legs similar to that of a squat, according to WIRED. Gill told the publication that it should not cause any health issues and would actually improve posture, among other things.

Source: Company creates tilted toilets to keep work bathroom breaks to 5 minutes or less


VIDEO: Teacher Uses Bread to Teach Students Good Hygiene in Genius  School Experiment – WATCH

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (CBS Local) — A classroom science experiment in Idaho goes viral in more ways than one.

The experiment separated five pieces of plain white bread into different ziplock bags. One was touched with dirty hands, another with hands washed with soap and water, one touched with hands that used hand sanitizer, another slice was wiped on laptops and one was kept fresh and untouched.

Source: ‘This Is So Disgusting!’: School Experiment Shows Importance Of Hygiene

CREEPILY shocking- WATCH: ‘Worst case of bed bugs ever’ found on mattress that owner still sleeps on

Pest controller Rory McCarty was shocked to find hundreds of bed bugs in a mattress after responding to a pest invasion at a home in Maryland, US

This is the shocking moment a pest controller finds the ‘worst case of bed bugs ever’ on  a mattress the owner still sleeps on.

Rory McCarty, 50, responded to a call in Maryland, US, on July 17 after reports of an infestation.

Rory, who has worked in pest control for 25 years, was startled to find an army of bed bugs crawling all over the bed.

In the unsettling Facebook video, Rory’s colleague lifts up the mattress to reveal hundreds of insects scurrying across the bedding.

Source: ‘Worst case of bed bugs ever’ found on mattress that owner still sleeps on

Men’s bathroom doors have SIX times more germs than ladies’

When it comes to bathroom etiquette, the sins of men extend far beyond leaving the toilet seat up.

Men really are less likely than women to wash their hands after using the bathroom, research suggests, and may put other people at risk from the germs they leave behind.

A snapshot study swabbed the door handles of a large office building in London, discovering the men’s bathroom door contained almost six times more bacteria than the ladies’.

Source: Men’s bathroom doors have SIX times more germs than ladies’

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