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VIDEO: Men Save Deer’s Life While Hunting in Missouri – WATCH

When these hunters in Warrensburg, Missouri, encountered a young deer with its leg caught in a fence, they stepped in to save the animal.

Although the duo often hunt deer, they believe in treating wild game with respect and kindness.

“We are very ethical hunters — we would never kill a distressed, captured or trapped deer or any animal,” Buck Tranbarger explained. After being freed, the animal thanked the men with a sweet gesture of its own. It was seen on camera nuzzling up to one of the hunters, who was happy to comfort it with some relaxing petting.

Source: Watch these deer hunters do the unthinkable — save a buck’s life


9-year-old boy’s organs save 3 other lives after he was shot dead by his dad

A little boy who died during a hunting accident is making life-changing differences for others.

News outlets report Vince Furtick said on Facebook that the kidneys and liver of his grandson, 9-year-old Colton Williams, have been donated. Family members say the kidneys went to two other children in South Carolina and the liver went to a child in Virginia.

Source: Organs of 9-year-old boy shot while hunting save 3 lives, family says

VIDEO: Men kicking deer’s head because it’s still alive after shooting – WATCH

BROOKVILLE, Pa. (WJW) — The Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating a viral video of two men allegedly kicking and stomping on a deer that was unable to stand. The Facebook video shows the men abusing the animal after shooting.

The Facebook video shows the men abusing the animal after shooting. The deer was alive and appeared to be trying to get away.

Source: Authorities investigating after viral video shows men kicking, stomping on deer

Recently two boys from Brookville Pennsylvania, reportedly from brookville pa high school, Cody Hetrick and Alex Smith were out hunting and wounded or found a wounded deer. They committed sickening acts of violence and tortured this helpless deer. 

Source: Criminal charges for Cody Hetrick and Alex Smith for the torturing of innocent wildlife.

TRAGEDY: Dad shoots, kills 9-year-old accidentally while hunting rabbits in South Carolina – WATCH

WILLISTON, S.C. — A family in South Carolina is devastated after losing their nine-year-old son on Thanksgiving day, WRDW reports.

They say Colton Williams was accidentally shot and killed by his dad while they were hunting rabbits. “This is hard. we are thankful to God for the 9 years we had with him, though. he was the brightest light in our lives,” his grandfather said.

Source: 9-year-old accidentally shot, killed by dad while hunting in SC, officials say

Canadian couple shamed for kissing behind dead lion in safari photo

The owners of an Edmonton taxidermy service are under fire for striking a romantic pose with a lion carcass while on safari. An

Edmonton couple is facing intense online backlash about a photo showing them kissing behind a dead lion during a hunting trip in South Africa.

The viral photo shows a man and a woman posing for a “romantic” photo with the carcass of a male lion during a hunting safari last month. It was originally posted on a Facebook page belonging to Legelela Safaris, a trophy-hunting company that offers customers a wide range of animals as prey, including lions. The photo caption identifies the couple as Carolyn and Darren Carter of Edmonton.

Source: Canadian couple shamed for kissing behind dead lion in safari photo

These Elite Swedish Hunting Rifles Are the World’s Most Exclusive Guns

The south of Sweden, where VO Vapen is located, is famed for its hunting traditions. Trolle Ljungby Castle in the south of Sweden, medieval in origin, is a notable historic landmark in a part of the country famed for its hunting traditions.

It would be hard to find a more fitting setting for the home of VO Vapen, the family-run gunsmiths occupying a small factory on the castle grounds who quietly craft the most exclusive hunting rifles in the world, the very best of which can cost more than $800,000 apiece and take up to a year and a half to complete.

Source: These Elite Swedish Hunting Rifles Are the World’s Most Exclusive Guns