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5 Best Luxury Hotels In Zurich

Zurich. One of the most international cities in Europe, yet so rooted in nature and beloved for its authentic Swiss traditions. These are the city’s most luxurious hotels for an unforgettable Zurich experience.

One of the most international cities in Europe, Zurich is rooted in its reverence for nature and beloved for its authentic Swiss traditions. That is what makes my hometown so special. The quality of life, business and innovation are as inviting as its beautiful views. Many first-time visitors are mesmerized by the idyllic Lake Zurich and intoxicated by its signature fresh air. These are the most luxurious hotels, many of which are committed to sustainability and preserving the rich and natural beauty of the city.

Here are the best luxury hotels in Zurich: The Best Luxury Hotels In Zurich

11 Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi

There’s no shortage of quality hotels in Abu Dhabi. Whether you’re looking for a desert resort, a boutique designer hotel or a photo-friendly property that will make your friends envious, the emirate caters for just about every traveller.

This boutique hotel in Al Bateen, a five-minute drive from the city centre, is the first EDITION property in the Middle East. It comprises two glass box-like structures – one housing the hotel and the other, the residences. Encased in metal latticework and connected by a walkway, the 198-room waterfront establishment is stylish and comfortable. Continue at Source: The 11 Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi

17 Tokyo Best: Things to do, Places to Shop, Restaurants, Bars and Hotel if You’re Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Exploring a destination alone lets you fully immerse yourself in the culture and energy of a place, and you have no one to please but yourself, so your itinerary can be as stacked or as free as you want it to be.

Tokyo is one of the coolest places to visit alone. This weekend guide lists the best things to do in Tokyo if you’re traveling solo. Continue at Source: The Best Things to Do in Tokyo if You’re Traveling Solo | The Manual

Inside China’s incredible new honeycomb hotel

A gorgeous new hotel is due to open later this year in Nánjīng , capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu Province . It has been nicknamed the “honeycomb hotel,” because its design inspiration comes from honey, a specialty in this area.

Source: Inside China’s incredible new honeycomb hotel

The Most Beautiful Hotel Pools in the World

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11 Secret Caribbean Resorts That Are Pure Heaven on Earth

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