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VIDEO: Hong Kong police accidentally arrest 2 undercover officers during protest – WATCH

Two undercover police officers were apprehended by other officers at a protest on Thursday. The pair were released after they revealed their true identities.

Protesters roamed the Tai Po Mega Mall during the afternoon, chanting slogans such as “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times,” “disband the police force now,” and “see you at Victoria Park on January 1” referring to next week’s annual new year pro-democracy march.

Riot police then arrived to apprehend the protesters. However, one undercover officer wearing a blue shirt and a black backpack was pushed against a wall by a fellow, masked undercover officer and riot police. Meanwhile, a second undercover officer wearing a black cloth to cover his face was also tackled by riot police.

Someone on the scene shouted: “Hey, fuck you, we are on the same team!” before the two undercover officers were released.

Source: Video: Hong Kong police accidentally apprehend undercover officers during Boxing Day mall protest | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP


WATCH LIVE: Hong Kong Police UNLOAD tear gas at protesters on Christmas Eve

HONG KONG — Hong Kong riot police fired rounds of tear gas at thousands of protesters, many wearing masks and reindeer horns, after scuffles in shopping malls and in a prime tourist district as anti-government rallies escalated into chaos on Christmas Eve.

Protesters inside the malls threw umbrellas and other objects at police who responded by beating some demonstrators with batons, with one pointing his gun at the crowd, but not firing.

Source: Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong protesters on Christmas Eve

HORRIFIC Crash Video: Hong Kong bus’ roof sliced open  kills 6, multiple injured – WATCH

Harrowing pictures show the aftermath of a horror bus crash in Hong Kong that left six dead and at least 39 injured.

Images show the mangled wreckage of the double decker bus after it hit a tree near a roundabout while travelling towards Sheung Shui in New Territories.

Three passengers were thrown out of the bus from the upper deck during the crash, according to local media Apple Daily.

At least one passenger was seen trapped inside the damaged bus and several bodies were laid out on the side of the road, it is reported.

Five people, including three men and two women, were pronounced dead at the scene and one died after being taken to hospital.

Source: Horror Hong Kong bus crash leaves six dead and 39 injured after roof sliced open

Hong Kong Protesters Carry Trump’s Half-Naked Photo in Thanking Him Supporting Them

On Wednesday President Trump signed S. 1838 and S. 2710 in support of a free Hong Kong. The bills support the democracy protesters in Hong Kong and threaten China with possible sanctions on human rights.

On Thursday the Hong Kong Democracy protesters honored President Trump by carrying his picture — shirtless.

Source: EPIC! Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Honor President Trump by Carrying Photos of the US President – Shirtless – In Latest Protest!

WATCH: Hong Kong Protesters Hold ‘Thanksgiving’ Rally to Thank President Trump For Signing Law Support Them

Thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong staged a “Thanksgiving” rally on Thursday evening in response to President Donald Trump signing two bills in support of the city’s pro-democracy movement.

Demonstrators took to the streets shortly after the president signed the legislation. Some draped themselves in U.S. flags and expressed gratitude for the administration’s support.

WATCH: Massive turnout in Hong Kong local elections amid protests calling for full democracy

Hong Kong residents turned out in huge numbers on Sunday to vote in district council elections seen as a test of support for chief executive Carrie Lam following six months of pro-democracy protests, and polling took place with no major disruptions.

Electoral affairs chief Barnabus Fung said at least 2.94 million people voted, a turnout rate of more than 71% and a record showing that appeared to have been spurred by the political turmoil. About 1.47 million voted in the last district elections four years ago.

Source: Record turnout in Hong Kong local elections amid calls for full democracy