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Hong Kong Protesters Jumping On Driver’s Head After Man Slams Taxi to The Crowd – WATCH =>

Shocking footage shows masked protesters stamping on the driver’s face after pulling him out of his car. The driver had rammed into crowds of Hong Kong protesters and knocked some down.

Enraged protesters beat and kicked a taxi driver who had ploughed into a Hong Kong demonstration as thousands of others marched wearing banned face masks amid new clashes with police.

The unnamed taxi driver rammed into protesters and knocked them down. At least two needed medical care.

Protesters then immediately circled the man’s car and dragged him out on to the street before beating him to a bloody pulp.

Shocking footage shows masked protesters stamping on his face and kicking him during the struggle while he lies helpless and unable to move.

First aid was eventually called and the man was treated on the scene while other protesters cleared a circle around him to protect him.

Source: Crowds beat taxi driver who ploughed into Hong Kong demonstration

Hong Kong Police Shoot Protester at Close Range during Violent Clashes – WATCH VIDEO =>


HONG KONG: A Hong Kong police officer shot a protester in the chest on Tuesday (Oct 1) after he and his unit were attacked by demonstrators during sustained clashes in the city, a police source told AFP.

“An officer discharged his firearm after coming under attack and a protester was struck in the chest in Tsuen Wan district today,” the source said, requesting anonymity.

Source: Police shoot Hong Kong protester in chest during clashes: Reports

Hong Kong Police Kicking ‘Yellow Object’ Protester – WATCH =>

A video showing Hong Kong police officers beating a man who had been attempting to protect young protesters has given rise to another wave of outrage at police.

Two widely shared videos filmed over the weekend show a man in a yellow high-vis vest laying on the ground while being repeatedly kicked and hit by a group of officers.

On Tuesday, members of “protect the children”, a group of middle-aged and elderly residents who try to act as human barriers between the police and protesters, said one of their group was the person being kicked in the videos, contradicting police claims that officers were only kicking a “yellow object”.

Source: Video of police beating protester sparks outrage in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Protesters Stomp on Chinese Flag Before Burning It – WATCH:

Protesters stamped on the Chinese national flag and set parts of it on fire on Sunday, at a protest in a shopping mall. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Source: Hong Kong protesters trample and burn Chinese flag

WATCH: Pro-China Supporters Fight Hong Kong Protesters on the Street as Protests Turn Violent

Brawling broke out of the streets of Hong Kong’s North Point district on Sunday night after a day of anti-government protests.

Source: Violence on Hong Kong’s streets as pro-Beijing supporters clash with protesters

NO FEAR! WATCH: 82-year-old Senior Using His Walking Stick to Protect Hong Kong Protesters from Armed Police

Uncle Wong is part of Protect the Children, a community group whose members put their bodies between the police and young Hongkongers protesting against the government.

Waving his walking stick in the air and wearing swimming goggles to protect against teargas, he tries to reason with police and provide a distraction to allow activists to evade arrest.

As tensions continue to rise between protesters and police, however, so does the emotional burden on Uncle Wong

Source: Uncle Wong, 82: protecting Hong Kong protesters with his walking stick – video