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20 happiest states in America, ranked

To determine America’s happiest states, 24/7 Tempo analyzed the results of the Gallup Well-Being Index and ranked states based on their overall Well-Being Index score. Survey results from Gallup were paired with other socioeconomic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, and other sources. Scroll through to learn more. Continue at Source: The 20 happiest states in America, ranked

Apply Now: You Will Get Paid by IKEA to Travel to Denmark, Own Temporary Home in Copenhagen to Find Out The Key of Happiness

So, you are also looking for happiness? We hope that you will come visit us in Denmark and help us find all the keys to a real home of happiness. Keys we will share with the rest of the world – and hopefully make everyone in it (perhaps even you?) a little bit happier. Continue at Source: Join and Win – IKEA – Home View

These are the world’s most positive countries

Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday? Almost three-quarters of the world did.

The yes or no answers to this question, and four others about positive emotions from 151,000 adults in 143 countries, have been used to create an annual barometer of our global emotional state.

These are the world’s most positive countries

Sexual satisfaction among older people about more than just health: Health care workers need to take holistic approach that considers lifestyles and needs when discussing sexual problems with older people

Communication and being in a happy relationship, along with health, are important for sexual satisfaction among older people, according to new research. Read More …

Can you guess the happiest cities in the United States?

What does happiness mean? What makes people happy? It could be family, friends, money, all or none of the above. What’s certain is that having a good environment around you is key to feeling happy. There are places where something just clicks, and budget-expert group WalletHub has just released the list of the ten (and more) American cities where “the pursuit of happiness” is going brilliantly. Read More …