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Trump’s new meat rule may send unsafe pork to American families – WATCH

The new system will speed up the processing lines and reduce the number of inspectors.

ALBERT LEA, Minnesota — America’s food inspectors are warning that “unsafe” pork is likely making it to consumers under a change in rules for meat inspection.

That change is now set to roll out nationwide to plants that process more than 90 percent of the pork Americans eat.

“The consumer’s being duped,” Food Safety and Inspection Service inspector Jill Mauer told NBC News. “They believe that it actually is getting federally inspected when there’s no one there to even watch or do anything about anything.”

Source: Inspectors warn unsafe pork could make its way to consumers under Trump rule change

Trump names Secret Service Anthony Ornato as new chief of staff for operations

WASHINGTON (CNN) – President Donald Trump on Saturday named Anthony Ornato, an official with the Secret Service, as his new White House chief of operations.

“The United States Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director, Anthony Ornato, will become my new Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations,” Trump tweeted. “I have worked with Tony for 3 years – he will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Dan Walsh for his great service, and congratulations to Tony!”

Source: Trump names Secret Service official as new chief of staff for operations

US Authorities Set Up Fake University to Trap Immigration Fraud, Hundreds of Students Arrested by ICE

US federal law enforcement agencies have arrested 90 more foreign students, mostly from India, taking the total number of students held so far to over 250 from a fake university set up by the authorities to check immigration fraud.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE in March arrested 161 students from the fake university established by it in the US state of Michigan.

Source: 90 More Students, Mostly Indians, Arrested From Fake US University

REPORT: California State Department DMV made $51 million last year selling drivers’ personal data

An earlier investigation by the site found DMV agencies around the country have been selling such information to data brokers, credit agencies and personal investigators.

Most California drivers probably don’t realize the Department of Motor Vehicles has diversified its revenue streams to include selling people’s personal information. According to data obtained by Motherboard, Vice’s tech news site, the DMV made $51,626,162 off selling driver’s information to interested parties during the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Source: Report: California DMV made $51 million last year selling drivers’ personal data

BREAKING: Robert C. O’Brien becomes new National Security Adviser, Trump Announces

BREAKING: President Trump to Make State Sec. Mike Pompeo Also Replace John Bolton as National Security Adviser

Washington (CNN)Just one day after President Donald Trump dismissed national security adviser John Bolton, administration officials are discussing the possibility of replacing Bolton with his chief rival, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Under this scenario, the country’s top diplomat would absorb the national security adviser role and do both jobs, according to a senior administration official and a source familiar with the possibilities.

That would make Pompeo the second person in history to have both jobs at the same time. The first, Henry Kissinger, was already President Richard Nixon’s national security adviser when he was appointed secretary of state in 1973, and filled both roles for two years.

Source: Administration considers double-tapping Pompeo for national security adviser