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Hit the open highway with this futuristic trailer

The open road has called to countless people all over the world for generations, with the sense of freedom and adventure proving an ever-exciting draw. And now, one company is bringing the concept of hitting the highway into the future, with a sleek and angular teardrop trailer that is sure to spark some serious wanderlust. READ MORE …

50 Future Foods You Should Be Absolutely Eating More

These 50 foods have been selected because they have a lower impact on the environment than animal-based foods and are nutritious. The different ingredients grow and are available in a wide number of countries and can be the side or centre of everyday meals. These ingredients can and should be added and substituted into meals and can be used to create new types of dishes. The aim is to increase the intake of these foods to help improve the planet.

Source: Knorr and WWF-UK introduce 50 future foods

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Full Report Lists (PDF)

NASA developing electric airplane that could cut travel cost by more than half

Electronic airplanes are believed to be generations away, however Ramanan Krishnamoorti insists electric engines will change the way planes look, how goods are shipped and how we travel.

‘I’ll have the DNA-optimised salad please’: What’s the future of clean eating?

The way we live is changing fast. Every fortnight in our Future Focus series, supported by Volkswagen, we’ll look at how one aspect of everyday life could …

Source: ‘I’ll have the DNA-optimised salad please’: What’s the future of clean eating?