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VIDEO: Police officer stuck helplessly hanging on fence in public – WATCH


THIS viral clip shows a helpless ‘cop’ stuck to a spiked fence in a car park – but viewers can’t work out if it’s real. The man’s clothing is caught on the fence, leaving him dangling from a height while he apparently struggles to free himself.

The clumsy cop reaches for his radio but drops it to the ground instead

The driver who filmed the video, which has been seen by nearly 7,000 people, can be heard saying: “Loading the van up, there’s a gaffer stuck up th f***ing fence. What’s he f***ing doing?

“I don’t know what he’s f***ing doing up there.”

Source: Funny video shows ‘cop’ caught on spiked fence in car park – but is it real?


VIDEO: Help! Let Me OUT! Parrot Screams Prompting Police Come to Rescue No One – Florida – WATCH

Deputies in Lake Worth Beach arrived at a home to help “someone screaming for help,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

“Hilarity ensued,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

“I’ll bring out the screamer to you,” he says.

As they wait, the man steps away and comes back with a friend — his pet parrot.

“Sometimes Rambo yells ‘help, help, let me out’. Something I taught him when I was a kid and Rambo lived in a cage.”

Source: Florida deputies came to the rescue of someone apparently screaming for help. It was a parrot

VIDEO: ‘F*ck this place’: Canadian Starbucks worker quits job in front of customers singing with guitar  – WATCH 

Who needs two weeks notice when you can resign with a song?

A Canadian Starbucks worker tells The Post he quit his barista job of 3 1/2 years with a song written especially for his boss, capturing the profanity-laden cafe performance in a video.

Anesti Danelis, 28, quit on Dec. 6 while strumming his acoustic guitar for his Starbucks customers, who watched in laughter as he sang about his hate for his boss.

Source: ‘F–k this, I quit!’: Starbucks worker rips boss in viral resignation song

Hilarious VIDEO: Boy volunteers to shovel snow, soon gets frustrated – WATCH

Author: TEGNA A boy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had a hilarious grown-up moment caught on video when he realized just how little fun it is to shovel snow.

Security camera video from the family’s home on November 26 shows the boy, named Peyton, furiously attacking the snow in between bouts of anger and exhaustion.

Source: Hilarious video shows boy learning why we all hate shoveling snow

WATCH: SNL cool kids Trudeau, Macron, Boris, Merkel DESTROY Trump at NATO

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent candid comments about U.S.

President Donald Trump received the Saturday Night Live treatment, with some big-name comedians dropping in to portray Trudeau and other world leaders as cool kids teasing a clueless Trump.

Jimmy Fallon as Trudeau, Paul Rudd as French President Emmanuel Macron, and James Corden as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t let Trump sit at their table in the skit and put a sign on his back saying, “Impeach me!!!”

Source: Cool kid Trudeau and friends tease a clueless Trump in SNL spoof

WTF?! VIDEO: President Trump: It’s WRONG for babies to be born in the 9th month from mother’s womb – WATCH

President Donald Trump was widely mocked on Saturday for coming out against childbirth in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Video of Trump’s remarks spread widely as the internet ridiculed his comments.

Statement from The President: “Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the 9th month. It is wrong. It has to change.” Watch.

Source: President Trump publicly comes out against childbirth in the ninth month of pregnancy: ‘It is wrong!’