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Macron SLAMS Brazilian president for sharing Facebook post mocking his wife’s appearance after her comment over Amazon wildfires

MACRON has blasted Bolsonaro for appearing to support a sexist Facebook post about his wife, calling the Brazilian leader as “not up to the job” as tensions over the Amazon fires escalate.

The French President described his Brazilian counterpart as “extremely disrespectful” and “sad” for seemingly mocking the French first lady’s looks.

Source: Macron blasts ‘sad’ Brazilian president as ‘not up to the job’ after Bolsanaro shared sexist Facebook post about French leader’s wife who criticised Amazon wildfires


REPORT: Comedian Andy Dick KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS,  assaulted outside a French Quarter club

Comedian-musician Andy Dick had finished a performance at the One Eyed Jacks nightclub on Toulouse Street in the French Quarter early Saturday when he was knocked to the ground outside the club and lost consciousness, according to Dick and witnesses.

Guitarist-singer Paris Dylan, who performed with the comedian, said that after the show, the duo met with fans and posed for photos as usual, then stepped out of the club onto the street where a crowd awaited.

As Dick prepared to enter an Uber vehicle, Dylan said, the 53-year-old was “sucker punched” by an assailant. Dylan said that Dick hit a motorcycle as he fell to the ground and his head struck the pavement. Dylan said that he was unable to communicate with Dick, who appeared unconscious as he lay on his back.

Source: Controversial comedian Andy Dick says he was assaulted outside a French Quarter club

INCREDIBLE – WATCH: French ‘Flying Man’ crosses the Channel on a HOVERBOARD – ‘Back to The Future’, Green Goblin Become REALITY

French inventor Franky Zapata successfully crossed the the English Channel on Sunday, riding on a jet-powered hoverboard he designed. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Source: French ‘Flying Man’ crosses the Channel on a hoverboard

10 Classic French Recipes That Are Actually Easy — We Promise

No fussy recipes here!

As a French person who lived in the U.S. for almost eight years, I know that French food is often perceived as intimidating, pretentious, and overpriced. But it doesn’t have to be! Far from the snooty chefs in white-tablecloth restaurants, most French home cooks are all about easy recipes that rely more on the quality of their ingredients than on their cooking skills. These 10 recipes exemplify that perfectly. Continue at Source: These 10 Classic French Recipes Are Actually Easy — We Promise

New York City May Ban Foie Gras Soon—And Some Chefs Aren’t Happy

Though many cooks wanted to duck our request for comment.

Last week New York’s City Council debated a potential ban on foie gras, a popular pâté that is made from fatty duck and goose livers. Proposed legislation would outlaw sale of the French delicacy—which is produced by force-feeding birds through a funnel—and fine rule-breakers up to $1,000 per violation. Continue at Source: New York City May Ban Foie Gras Soon—And Some Chefs Aren’t Happy

10 Best French Recipes from Food & Wine Classic in Aspen Chefs: Indulge in bouillabaisse, souffle, ratatouille, and so much more.


Food lovers from around the world flock to The Food & Wine Classic in Aspeneach year to sip, savor, and indulge in demos and dishes from some pretty incredible chefs. And somehow—maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, or just the sheer concentration of culinary talent—everything picks up a little bit of a French accent. Whether you’re a festival veteran, a newbie. or just enjoying from afar, you’re sure to enjoy 10 of our favorite Francophile recipes from Classic chefs past and present. Continue at Source: Indulge in bouillabaisse, souffle, ratatouille, and so much more.