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7 best family-friendly hotels in Sydney, from children’s afternoon tea to picnics in the park

Sydney is a child’s playground. There are beaches and interactive museums, nature walks and family-friendly restaurants… For Sydney children, summer is spent on the beach; morning swims roll into afternoons spent wandering the rockpools, searching for hermit crabs and collecting shells. From high-end properties providing miniature robes and personalised welcome packs, to self-contained apartments with much-needed laundry and cooking facilities, the following properties are the ones where you need not worry (too much) if your children make noise at breakfast or trek sand through the lobby.


10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun for Families

Even those who are too old (or too exhausted) for spring break should consider Cancun, a destination in Mexico known for its white sand beaches, nightlife and proximity to Mayan ruins. Many U.S. cities have direct flights into the Cancun airport, which is a quick drive (or cab ride) to most of the hotels in the area—the strip known as the “hotel zone.” Although the city is known for its party culture, there are also a lot of family-friendly resorts, many of which cater specifically to kids and teens. Whether you want something activity-heavy to keep the family occupied or just a nice place to lay by the pool, Cancun has something for everyone. Here are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun for families. Continue at Source: The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun for Families

10 Family Vacation Destinations In Europe Better Than Disney

Disney might seem like the ultimate family vacation destination but have you thought about doing something a little different?

Disney World and Disneyland have locations all over the world. You might decide not to go to one of the American locations but you could visit one of their spots in Tokyo or Hong Kong. But instead of going to Disney, why not consider visiting somewhere more lively and with a far greater variety of activities?

Disney may offer rides and attractions, but there’s only so many times you can ride a roller coaster before it starts to become repetitive. Here are some of the other destinations that might be better suited to your family destination vacation if you’re determined to go to Europe. Continue at Source: 10 Family Vacation Destinations In Europe Better Than Disney

10 Great Family Trips Teenagers Will Actually Enjoy

From major cities to the perfect camping destinations (and of course, Instagram spots), these trips will keep even teens smiling

Finding a family trip that all members of your family will enjoy can sometimes be a challenge. If you have teenagers, planning a fun vacation can be especially hard, as teenagers might not want to do the vacations that adults or younger children are interested in. If you have teenagers in your household, you want to make sure they will enjoy the trip and make memories they will keep throughout their lifetime. You also don’t want them to dread or complain about what you’re doing.

When planning a family trip with your teenagers, there are some ideas that are sure to please. These 10 ideas make great vacations that your teen will be sure to enjoy. Continue at Source: 10 Great Family Trips Teenagers Will Actually Enjoy

5 Books About Parent Drama That Are “Get Out The Popcorn” Good

It’s not the best-kept secret that parenthood is hard, and for many different reasons. Whether it’s the actual act of giving birth, the constant sleep deprivation, the financial obligations, or just the sheer stress of being in charge of another human being, there are plenty of reasons you might be thrilled not to be a parent — now or ever. But one unexpected silver lining for those of us who do not currently wish to be parents? Not having to deal with parental politics.

The story isn’t exactly new: Some parents are desperate for their children to attend the most elite schools. I mean, just look at the college admissions scam happen. But stories like The Cut’s July 8 piece about the cinema-worthy administrative conflict at Brooklyn’s Grace Church School only continue to drive the point home: When it comes to parenthood, sometimes, hell is other parents. And that’s the sort of drama you really don’t need in your own life right now. Continue at Source: 5 Books About Parent Drama That Are “Get Out The Popcorn” Good

13 Best Things to Do With Kids in Barcelona

There’s loads to keep kids engaged and off the iPad, whether they’re into soccer, science, animals or ice cream.

Of course Barcelona is a hit with adults, but how to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” for a demographic whose interests don’t include cava and Catalan architecture? Good news: Barcelona with kids is easy to pull off, and a good time for every generation involved. The city’s sandy beaches are only the start of the entertainment program. There’s loads to keep young ones engaged and off the iPad, whether they’re into soccer, science, animals or ice cream. And don’t worry, there’s are some opportunities for a glass of cava along the way. Read on for our favorite child-friendly activities in the Catalan capital. Continue at Source: Best Things to Do With Kids in Barcelona

All 55 Rides at Walt Disney World, Ranked

With so many rides to choose from, we broke down the ones that must be visited and others that you won’t necessarily mind missing.

There are only so many hours in a day at Walt Disney World, so how do you decide what to ride first? Simple: you take our advice for it. This meticulous ranking of every stellar must-see 3D attraction, perfectly themed roller coaster, and out-of-this-world flyer will help you plan the perfect trip for speed demons and boat ride obsessives alike. (We left stage shows and other smaller attractions out, so consider these the best-of-the-best where rides are concerned … Continue at Source: Every Single Ride at Walt Disney World, Ranked

8 best family-friendly hotels in Dubai, from action-packed kids’ clubs to wild water parks

It’s not hard to see why Dubai is such a family-friendly wonderland. Walking along the winding paths of Atlantis’ blooming gardens, past pirate-ship playgrounds, with butterflies threatening to land on the tip of your nose, it’s plain to see how much effort has gone into creating fairy tale escapes for visiting tribes. Atlantis also offers free access to its water park, as does Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Lapita is within an entire collection of theme parks. Affordable options are available too, including some all-inclusive resorts with plentiful activities. Continue at: The best family-friendly hotels in Dubai, from action-packed kids’ clubs to wild water parks

20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

Take advantage of the last days of being child-free with a babymoon at one of these destinations.

It’s unclear exactly when babymoons became a thing, but they’re certainly a trend now. For those unfamiliar, a babymoon can be classified as a mom or mom and dad to be who take a trip before baby is actually born. Many see it as a trip to relax before having to do the monumental task of raising another human in their first years of life. Others see it as a time to just go on one last trip before life gets crazy. It’s not to say that parents can’t go anywhere after having a child. There are many moms out there who have the travel bug and take any opportunity they can (like maternity leave) to feed their wanderlust. Continue at Source: 20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

10 Make-Ahead Family Meals for Busy Summers

Welcome to summer, where the sunshine keeps everyone outside until the last minute, it’s too hot to turn on the stove at dinner time, and everybody wants a quick meal so they can get back to playing. None of these things makes feeding a family easy in the hottest months, so it’s helpful to have some make-ahead meal ideas stashed away so you can cook dinner before the kids go to bed the night before, or maybe even over the weekend before work gets in the way.

Here’s a few of our favorite dinners that don’t require more than a few minutes to get out on the table. Continue at Source: 10 Make-Ahead Family Meals for Busy Summers