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5 Things Piss Millennials Off Talking About Travel

Being a millennial myself, I feel pretty qualified to say that a majority of our generation is in love with traveling. Sure, not everyone gets excited about packing a carry-on bag, rushing to the airport, and scoring passport stamps — and that’s perfectly OK. But there are a lot of wanderlusters in our generation who would willingly purchase one-way plane tickets and never stop seeing the world. They would hop from one dreamy destination to the next, collecting stories and going on excursions along the way. Are you one of them? If so, you know that rush all too well and that, when you love to travel, you tend to hear a few things on the reg.


How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

One of the joys of global mental health work is that it gives you the opportunity to travel not as a tourist.  The places we go are often not suitable for pleasure travel. We go to poorer countries to get work done or other places to attend meetings. But these present opportunities to get to know interesting places and people, history, and ourselves.

The first ten years of my global health life were spent in the Balkans, with innumerable visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, and Macedonia.  Being in Sarajevo under siege and in the immediate post-war years was both chastening and inspiring.  I was in a fishbowl of mass trauma, trying so so hard to make sense of unspeakable violence and immeasurable suffering.  Trying to figure out how to make a difference.

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Blogging Couple Earn $60,000+ Per Month TRAVELLING THE GLOBE

Building an online business isn’t easy, but this pair of bloggers never gave up on their dreams.

When Greg and Holly Johnson started their blog ClubThrifty.com in 2012, they thought it would be a fun way to document their financial journey.

“We had some student loans and car loans we wanted to pay off,” said Holly. “Once we realized other people were blogging about the same things we were experiencing in real life, we decided to give it a shot.”

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5 Common Travel Mistakes That Cost You Money

Here’s how to avoid travel missteps that can be costly enough to make you regret taking a trip.

Summertime, and the living is easy. But lose your head on those sun-soaked days, and you will live to regret it come autumn.

We all tend to relax a little more and have fun during summer months. And that’s OK. But when planning this year’s summer vacation, don’t make foolish moves that could potentially wash your budget away with the tide on some exotic beach.

Following are five costly summer travel mistakes — and how to avoid them.

Source: 5 Common Travel Mistakes That Cost You Money

Traveling Is An Incredible Way To Meet Vulnerable People Nobody Will Go Looking For

Many travel for the pleasures of sightseeing. Others to experience a different culture: its history, its art, its food. For me, the best part of a trip abroad is the folks you meet along the way. Whether it’s the impressionable backpacker willing to follow you into the dense jungles of Cambodia or the elderly tourist you lure down the historic narrow alleyways of Belfast, traveling offers a chance to encounter vulnerable people no one will know to go looking for.

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Amazing Fiji Surfing Experience: Better than the movies

Whoever said “it’s about the journey, not the destination” was a liar.

I’ve been shaped by cult classic surf films like The Endless Summer and inspired by tales of those travelling afar in search of freedom on the open seas. Stories of glassy seas where albatross weave between waves on the wind, and you navigate by night under a sea of stars.

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What it’s like to hike to the Mount Everest Base Camp

Whenever I told someone I was planning to climb to Mount Everest Base Camp this spring, I received the same shocked and wide-eyed response: “Be careful!” While that’s good advice for any adventure, it was difficult to convince friends and family that this trip would not at all be the same thing as actually climbing Mount Everest.

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