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Travel 48 hours in Barcelona, an insider guide to Gaudi’s playground

Catalonia’s colourful capital

Barcelona combines everything that is most charming about Mediterranean cities – a relaxed pace, months of endless sunshine, unbeatable food – with the cultural and design clout of almost any city in the cold north.

Its patchwork of architectural styles displays dark, Gothic façades next to the harlequin buildings of the Modernistas and the skyline-piercing constructions of Jean Nouvel or Herzog and de Meuron. A day spent admiring them can be topped off with a sundowner on one of the city’s many beaches before dinner at any number of Michelin-starred gastronomic temples or humble, family-run tapas bars. This is a city with a proud sense of identity and its language, culture and traditional festivals are fiercely guarded. Human pyramids, fire-breathing dragons and fibre-glass giants strolling the streets are in evidence most weekends if you look hard enough.

Source: 48 hours in . . . Barcelona, an insider guide to Gaudi’s playground


8 Most Beautiful Castle Gardens in Europe

Literally flourishing since the reign of Louis XIV, these sprawling, pristine green spaces are worth traveling for

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WATCH: CHILLING VIDEO Shows Group of Migrants Climbing Up Mountain After Arriving Spain by Boat

51 total arrested over the weekend.

A video out of Ibiza, Spain shows 16 Algerian migrants arriving via a small boat before scrambling up a cliff face.

A stunned fisherman filmed the footage on Saturday morning in Sol d’en Serra in the municipality of Sant Josep, close to the airport in Ibiza.

The clip shows 16 migrants from Algeria abandoning a small vessel and clambering up a cliff face before later being arrested.

Source: Video: Migrants Arrive in Spain Via Boat, Scramble Up Cliff Face

EMOTIONAL! WATCH: TEARFUL Portuguese Woman Interrupts Sky News TV Live over ‘Brexit’: I Gave My Youth for This Country, Now You Kick Me Out with What?


A woman interrupted a live television interview and gave a heartwrenching speech which laid bare the impact of Brexit on EU citizens living in the UK.

The Portuguese woman fought back tears as she said she had ‘given up her youth’ to the UK during a protest against prorogation in London on Wednesday.

She revealed she had ‘looked after children and the elderly’ in the UK for some 20 years but had ‘no voice’ and faced being deported after October 31.

The woman has since been named as Ana Rocha, who was born in Lisbon and is a healthcare worker specialising in looking after people with disabilities.

She has now revealed she has moved to work and live in Scotland for ‘fear of reprisals.’

Source: Moment a Portuguese woman interrupts a live Sky News broadcast

WATCH: German town offering $1.1 million to anyone who can prove it’s not a real place

There’s more than 300,000 people who live in the town, but if you can prove it’s all a hoax, you’ll be $1.1 million richer.

Despite the fact that more than 300,000 German citizens live in this city — which includes a university and an iconic castle — a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory posits that Bielefeld is not an actual place. In fact, the theory has been going around for decades, alleging that the town is fake and was created by the CIA. Because some people won’t let this thing go, German officials have decided to play the same game and offer up $1.1 million to whoever can prove that Bielefeld really, truly does not exist.

Source: German town offering $1.1 million to anyone who can prove it’s not a real place