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MUST WATCH: Man from Philippines shocks ‘America’s Got Talent’ singing a duet all by himself 

HOLLYWOOD, California (WJW) – Any singer will tell you, it’s not easy to take on Celine Dion or Andrea Bocelli.

But Marcelito Pomoy earned a standing ovation on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” by taking on both powerhouse singers.

Pomoy, 35, sang Bocelli’s tenor part and Dion’s soprano part of their hit duet “The Prayer.”

His performance brought the judges and the audience to their feet.

Source: Man shocks ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges by singing a duet all by himself


VIDEO: Tom Hanks’ Golden Globe speech leaves everyone in tears – WATCH

Hanks was crying. The audience was crying. We were all crying as the actor accepted the Cecil B. Demille Award.

Hanks accepted the award from presenter Charlize Theron after a clips package that began with his second career role in 1980 on the schlocky TV series “The Love Boat.”

“Most of the people in this room, I would pay to see them to get their cars washed,” Hanks said to open his speech, then asked the crowd of Hollywood luminaries for a show of hands. “Can I just say honestly, really, really, tell the truth now, how many people in this room have a clip package that includes ‘The Love Boat?’”

He turned back around with tears in his eyes.

“A man is blessed with a family sitting down front like that,” He said to wife Rita Wilson and his kids at the table with her. “I can’t tell you how much your love means to me.”

Source: Tom Hanks’ Golden Globe speech leaves everyone in tears

Wait and See ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Broadway show this Spring – WATCH

NEW YORK CITY — “Mrs. Doubtfire” will head to the Great White Way this spring, becoming the latest movie turned Broadway show.

The adaptation of the 1993 movie starring Robin Williams and Sally Field has already been a smash hit in Seattle, reportedly bringing in more than 4.7 million dollars over just 42 performances.

Rob McClure (“Beetlejuice,” “Something Rotten”) will lead the cast as Daniel Hillard, an actor who creates a female alter-ego to pose as his children’s nanny in order to spend time with them after losing custody in a divorce.

Source: ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ will become the latest movie turned Broadway show

Horrified Dracula viewers struggle to sleep after gruesome bloodbath of beheading, face ripped off – WATCH

The gory new BBC series thoroughly scared viewers as Dracula beheaded nuns and tore apart humans after wearing their skin

Terrified Dracula viewers struggled to sleep after tonight’s first installment of mass murder, gruesome beheadings and incredibly creepy baby vamps.

The gory BBC series began this evening with English lawyer Jonathan Harker travelling to Transylvania to meet a new client, Count Dracula.


Jonny was later discovered by nuns and was a shell of a man as he explained what had happened to him.

Source: Terrified Dracula viewers struggle to sleep after gruesome bloodbath