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Angelina Jolie on set of ‘The Eternals’ Marvel’s latest blockbuster – WATCH:

Angelina Jolie looked like a golden goddess in a blonde wig and body-clinging suit as she was seen for the first time on set of Marvel’s The Eternals.

The exclusive first look at the 44-year-old American actress came after she and Richard Madden were reportedly forced to stop filming after an  unexploded bomb was found near its Spanish set.

She did not seem to let the scare bother her one bit as she looked absolutely fantastic while springing into action as her character Thena for the comic book flick on set Tuesday.

Angelina was joined on the beach set by Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry and Crazy Rich Asians actress Gemma Chan.

Source: Angelina Jolie EXCLUSIVE: Actress dons tight gold suit and blonde wig in FIRST LOOK at The Eternals

Sean Spicer Dancing with the Star Performance – WATCH =>

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Redo ‘Friends’ After 20 Years – WATCH =>

 “I say, ‘You can’t have Ross.’”


Lady Gaga invited a fan to the stage at Park Theater at MGM and while she wrapped her legs around his waist dancing, the fell. But she recovered continue the show like nothing happened.

All female Marvel movie, I’m all for it – Scarlett Johansson – WATCH =>

Now, during a sit-down interview with Variety, Scarlett Johansson says she is also “pushing” for the movie, despite her character Black Widow’s demise in “Endgame.”

“I don’t know what my future is in that world. Obviously, it’s a little more opaque for my character,” Johansson told Variety’s Marc Malkin while promoting her new film “Jojo Rabbit.” “But that group of actresses is so incredibly powerful and when they come together, it’s explosive and unstoppable. So yes, I’m pushing for that. I think audiences want it and I’m definitely one of them.”

Source: Scarlett Johansson ‘Pushing’ for All-Women Marvel Movie