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BRUTALLY SHOCKING! WATCH: British Teen Girl Gets Her Head VICIOUSLY Kicked, Jumped on in England Broad Daylight and Surrounding Crowd Do Nothing to Stop


This is the sickening moment when a 14-old-girl’s head was used as a human football by a vicious female bully.

The shocking video, which is believed to have involved two students from Outwood Grange Academy, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and was filmed at nearby Wrenthorpe Park.

It was filmed by a watching parent and is believed to have happened recently.

The footage shows the teenager being savagely beaten by the female bully in front of a crowd of classmates.

Source: Shocking moment 14-old-girl’s head is used as football by female bully


GRAPHIC! VOLKSWAGEN FAILED to Break, Dragged  Woman 30FT Under, Company “refused to co-operate”

A MUM was left covered in blood after being dragged for 30ft under her Volkswagen when the electric brake failed.

Sarah Stanley said she was was parked in her driveway when the £20,000 VW T-Roc, which weighs just over a tonne, slowly started to roll backwards.

The 43-year-old rushed to reach the parking brake, which she claims appeared to have released itself, and was dragged under the 4×4.

Sarah was pulled for 30ft down the street in Collier Row, East London – leaving her covered in blood after she smacked her head on the road.

Source: Mum dragged 30ft under own car after electric brake failed

WATCH LIVE: Boris Johnson Defeated Again, Parliament Blocks No-Deal Brexit 2nd Time

Husband Stabs Wife in The Neck After Telling Her To Cover Her Eyes For A Present

A HUSBAND who told his wife to close her eyes for a surprise before stabbing her in the throat has been convicted of attempted murder today.

Shaun May counted down from ten before launching the brutal attack on wife Laura after he was fired in October last year.

She expected a gift of some kind, Maidstone Crown Court heard, but instead was stabbed so hard between the shoulder and neck the knife handle broke.

WATCH: Video shows thieves stealing a locked Tesla in 30 seconds by tricking its computer into thinking they had the key

Newsflare Security footage shows thieves in the UK stealing a locked Tesla in 30 seconds by fooling the onboard computer into thinking they had the key. The theft was captured by a doorbell video camera at a house in the town of Borehamwood, around 12 miles from central London, early on Wednesday morning.

Source: Video shows thieves stealing a locked Tesla in 30 seconds by tricking its computer into thinking they had the key

TRAGEDY: Baby dies after being suffocated as heavily drunk mum LAYING on top of her

A four-month-old baby girl tragically died after her mother lay on top of her while heavily drunk.

Emergency services were called to the address in Grosvenor Road, Walton , after worried lodgers discovered the baby’s lifeless body on a settee.

Despite the efforts of paramedics, the little girl was pronounced dead at Alder Hey childrens’ hospitalshortly afterwards.

Source: Baby dies after being suffocated while mum was heavily drunk