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Stunning photos of solar eclipse over South America

A total solar eclipse stretched across South America on Tuesday. Just after 4:30 p.m. ET, viewers of a livestream and in parts of Chile and Argentina witnessed a stunning transformation of the sky as day turned to night and the moon progressively blocked the sun.


The first day of spring is here. Here’s what you should know about the spring equinox

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A Full Pink Moon Is Coming in April

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The 20 most unhealthy countries on earth, ranked

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What are the best trips you can do on earth?

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Alien races could travel the through space unseen by firing LASERS into orbiting black hole pairs

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First Person on Mars Will ‘Likely’ Be a Woman, Says Head of NASA

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was a guest on the radio show “Science Friday” last week. During his appearance on the show, Bridenstine said that a woman is “likely to be” the first person on Mars. . . . READ MORE >>>

11 Secret Caribbean Resorts That Are Pure Heaven on Earth

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New Research Shows The World Is Much Greener Than 20 Years Ago

The study was performed by a team from Boston University alongside NASA.

Source: New Research Shows The World Is Much Greener Than 20 Years Ago

New NASA Telescope Could Find More Than 1,000 Planets

NASA’s new telescope will help NASA’s new telescope enable humans to find the largest, deepest and clearest picture of the Universe.

Source: New NASA mission could find more than 1,000 planets