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The 7 Spirits You Need to Be Drinking

We spirits-lovers have never had it so good. We are in the midst of an apparently unstoppable gin revolution and on the cusp of what I predict to be a similarly irresistible rum revival. Sales of fine whiskey, cognac, tequila and vodka are also soaring, craft distilleries are popping up all over the place and our collective thirst for classic and quirky cocktails shows no sign at all of abating.

Source: The 7 Spirits You Need to Be Drinking


15 Classic Cocktails And The Interesting Stories Behind Their Names

What’s in a name?

There are straightforward names to some drinks that tells you exactly what you’ll be sipping and then there are certain drinks that have conversation-worthy titles. That is why we decided to bring for you stories behind the origin and names of your most loved cocktails. Sip and discuss!

Source: 15 Classic Cocktails And The Interesting Stories Behind Their Names

The Best Cider For Every Occasion

‘Cider Insider’ author Susanna Forbes reveals which hard ciders are best for foodies, wine lovers, the great outdoors, and more.

Cider around the world is evolving—growing in significance and in volume, particularly in the U.S. Equally importantly, it’s emerging from its bland persona to reveal some of its true complexity. Just as with beer, the pride and persistence of producers in the U.S. is giving cidermakers the world over inspiration.

Source: The Best Cider For Every Occasion

The Hands-Down Best Japanese Whisky to Drink Right Now

If you can find it and afford it, that is.

A bottle of good Japanese whisky (they spell it without the “e”) is incredibly difficult to get your hands on these days, and stupid expensive if you do. Yamazaki 12 used to cost around 50 bucks, but now you can expect to pay at least triple the price at any liquor store that actually has it in stock. So why does Japanese whisky cost so much, and is it really worth it? The answer to the latter question is yes; it is more often than not delicious whisky that is quite different from single malt scotch, its closest spiritual relative. The former question, however, requires some explanation.

11 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Napa and Sonoma

Make the most of your Wine Country visit with these winery, hotel, and other tips.

Northern California’s Wine Country is a reasonably straightforward destination. Most wineries are on or just off major thoroughfares (of which there aren’t many), and the food here is so good it’s difficult to make a lousy dining choice. Still, a few things are helpful to know ahead of your trip or once you’ve arrived. From making reservations at The French Laundry and avoiding sticker shock at restaurants and hotels to visiting wineries, tipping, and traveling with kids, below are our tips for making the most of your Napa and Sonoma vacation.