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9 Most Beautiful Starbucks in the World

With nearly 30,000 locations around the world, chances are you’ve set foot inside a Starbucks or two. And while there are certain things you can expect at every store—ethically sourced coffee, flavorful speciality drinks, great customer service and free wi-fi—the company has worked to create unique locations offering one-of-a-kind experiences, from reserve roasteries and tasting rooms to Starbucks first-ever coffee farm.

Source: The 9 Most Beautiful Starbucks in the World


10 Best Bars in Key West

Bright, fruity tipples, raucous cabaret shows, live jazz performances: by the beach, it’s all about dressed-down fun.

While frozen cocktails with tiny umbrellas (and the tiki bars that serve them) may be a relic of the 1950s in most other places, they’re still a staple of the Florida Keys. Sure, the area has evolved to suit the increasingly luxury-loving clientele who visit, but it also works hard to maintain that frozen-in-time feel (pun intended) that keeps tourists flocking to Florida’s most southerly region year after year. The Keys’ relaxed, lived-in vibe carries over to its bar scene (for the most part); having drinks with friends usually involves a pair of comfy jeans and a T-shirt, plus at least one fruity concoction, as you’ll find at the infamous Sloppy Joe’s. Sea views are, of course, optional, though encouraged (Sunset Pier and Hogfish Bar and Grill have some of the best). But if you’re looking to get dressed up and make it more of an occasion, there are plenty of venues to fit the bill, whether it’s a night of cabaret at La Te Da or handcrafted cocktails and live jazz by candlelight at the Little Room Jazz Club. Just don’t forget the sunblock. Here, we’ve rounded up the best bars in Key West, for when all that sunshine inevitably stirs up your thirst.

17 Best Pubs in Ireland

There are so many different ways to judge the top pubs in Ireland. Length of time in business, popularity, unique features, best pulled pints and poured cocktails, the quality of the craic and live music.

Thankfully, the folks at MailOnline Travel have shared their ranking of the best pubs in Ireland. If you’re trying to pick which pubs to prioritize on your next trip to Ireland, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Source: Ireland’s very best pubs revealed

6 must-see bars for the global traveller 

Brooklyn Gin Brand ambassador Damon Boelte shares his top 6 bars for travellers to check out.

If you love sampling a good drink during your travels, do not stop reading. Brooklyn Gin Brand ambassador Damon Boelte, who recently visited South Africa, shares his must-visit bars with us. Here are 6 of his favourites: … continue reading 6 must-see bars for the global traveller | IOL Travel

10 Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland

Last month was Food and Drink month here on IrishCentral, so we asked you to tell us where the best place to eat in Ireland is.

Almost 200 IrishCentral readers responded to our survey, telling us where their favorite place in Ireland was and why.

Not surprisingly, “great food,” “friendly people,” and “music” were among the most popular reasons readers cited a pub or restaurant as their favorite:… continue reading Best pubs and restaurants in Ireland, according to you!

19 world’s best vineyard 2019

The first-ever World’s Best Vineyard Awards has named 2019’s leading wine destinations. Vineyards from France, Germany and Spain were among the best, but the top prize went to a New World producer.

Forget crumbling chateaux in the French countryside. For the ultimate vineyard vacation, try a Bond villain-style lair in the majestic mountains and valleys of South America.
Wine experts, foodies and travel industry insiders from around the world gathered in London’s Banqueting House on Monday night for the inaugural World’s Best Vineyard Awards, created to honor the finest in modern wine tourism.
The 2019 winner is an Argentinian winery in the lush heart of the Uco Valley, at the foot of the Andes mountains. A family-run business founded in 1963, the Zuccardi Valle de Uco unveiled a stunning new modernist bodega in 2016, designed by architects Tom Hughes, Fernando Raganato and Eugenia Mora.
“We are three generations involved in the wine and working together,” said managing director José Alberto Zuccardi when accepting the award under the frescoed ceiling of the 17th-century Banqueting House. “It’s a great way to be in contact with the wine lovers.” Continue at Source: The world’s best vineyard revealed

15 best bars in the world for a summer drink

From pina coladas to mai tais, these bars will keep you cool and hydrated during the heat of the summer.

After drinking on velvet furniture in dark lounges all winter, we’re ready for spritzy cocktails in sunny bars with the best views of skylines and glistening waters. Whether you’re a city person or a beachgoer, we’ve searched high and low for the best rooftops, beach bars and beer gardens to get you in the warm weather spirit. These 15 summer bars around the world are worth a visit this season. Continue at Source: The best bars in the world for a summer drink

10 Rooftop Bars In LA With The Best Views Of The City

Los Angeles’ stunning tropical views can be explored by the seaside, but why not take in this immaculate territory with a tasty cocktail in hand? Rooftop bars are steadily becoming the preferred bar style for those who are less inclined to visit the ashen settings of a dive bar. They exude a sense of luxury and vitality that has yet to be matched by the low-key framework of your everyday local bar.

Rooftop bars are a dime a dozen in the City of Angels, so narrowing down your choices might prove to be a difficult chore. You’ll want to find the bars with optimal sights, plenty of seating, and crafty cocktails in order to secure the deal. Not all of LA’s bars offer such graceful amenities, but this list might just sum them up. Here are 10 rooftop bars in LA with the best views of the city. Continue at Source: 10 Rooftop Bars In LA With The Best Views Of The City

10 Restaurants That Serve the Best Craft Beer In The US

Craft Beer is created by an independent brewery and can be absolutely delicious. Fancy a beer? Try out these establishments!

Craft Beers are not for everyone, but those who do enjoy them have a passion for finding the best of the best. These beers can come in an assortment of flavors and packagings, but they all have the goal in mind to bring joy to its drinker. People travel the country to visit the numerous breweries across the nation, as they eat and drink their way from state to state.

We have made a list of restaurants who serve the best craft beer in addition to an awesome food selection. This might lead to you adjusting your travel itinerary, but the taste of the end of your journey will make it all worth it. Keep reading to learn about the ten restaurants that serve the best craft beer! Continue at Source: 10 Restaurants That Serve the Best Craft Beer In The US

10 World’s Cities Perfect To Unleash The Inner Wine-Lover

From Anchorage to Adelaide, the world is rife with cities perfect for wine-lovers to indulge in a fine tipple.

We could be sipping on a glass of two of Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz to accompany our dinner, we could settle in on the couch with a glass of vintage Merlot, or we could be sharing a bubbly bottle of Prosecco in a time of celebration with our nearest and dearest. Regardless of the situation, we’re blessed to never be short of opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine.

From the sunny valleys of South Australia to the historic, centuries-old vineyards scattered across various European countries, and then over the diverse wine-centric cities throughout the USA, wine snobs will have no trouble rejoicing with the plethora of blends on offer. Continue at Source: 10 Cities Perfect To Unleash The Inner Wine-Lover