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10 of the best things to do in Vevey, Switzerland

On 18 July, the peaceful town of Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva near Montreux, transforms into party central as it hosts one of the world’s biggest (and rarest) wine festivals. The Fête des Vignerons – which was granted Unesco intangible cultural heritage status in 2016 – was founded in 1797 to honour the wine-makers of the Lavaux wine region, one of Switzerland’s premier wine appellations.

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10 Best Travel Destinations For Art Lovers

For a true flavour of a destination, its people, and cultures, there is no missing the art, whether it be in a museum, architecture or on the streets.

From iconic masterpieces in art history, to the contemporary artworks of today, we list of the best travel destinations for art lovers.

This list would not be complete without Paris, Europe’s long-time hub of culture. The French capital has inspired numerous great and iconic artists, such as Dali, Van Gogh, and Picasso, and you can witness many of their works at the city’s numerous exhibitions and spaces.  Unmissables include the world’s most visited museum, the Louvre and the quieter, but no less impressive, Musee RodinOrsay Museum, and Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo, for contemporary art — just to name a few. Or simply roam the streets of Paris, such as within the Oberkampf district, to discover some of its colourful street art.

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10 Places In America That All Europeans Want To Visit

America is a huge country with hundreds of cities worth visiting. Europeans should prioritize these areas above anything else.

America is a pretty crazy place, and that much goes without saying. Many of us consider it to be our home, but for people outside of the bubble, it can come across as being a little bit strange – and understandably so.

There are a variety of reasons for this line of thought, but even with that being the case, there’s still a great deal of excitement in the air whenever foreigners make the trip over. Europeans, especially, are fascinated by the prospect of a vacation in the States, and there are many phenomenal locations that they typically want to see.

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7 biggest, most beautiful caves in Vietnam (photos)

Here’s another reason to go to Vietnam: It’s a wonderland for people who like caves. View photos of some of its most beautiful, biggest caves, including Hang Tien and Hang En.

7 of the best caves in Vietnam: “Vietnam has some of the best caves in this world,” Howard Limbert, technical advisor of Quang Binh-based Oxalis adventure tour company, tells CNN Travel. Among these are the stunning Tu Lan Cave System, pictured.

Source: Vietnam’s biggest, most beautiful caves (photos)

10 West Coast Cities That Need To Be On Everyone’s 2020 Bucket List

It’s one of the hottest neverending debates: Which US coast is better? The East Coast boasts the Big Apple, New York City, plus Miami and Boston, just to name a few. On the West Coast, however, as you’re about to see, there is no shortage of unbeatable cities – some large, diverse and rowdy, and others small, charming and quaint. From Washinton state all the way down to California (sorry, Alaska, we’re excluding you this time around), there is so much to see, do, eat, drink, and even smell, that you’ll be tossing up where to visit next.

So without further ado, let’s kickstart our West Coast USA journey at the southernmost point of California and work our way up north. Roll down the window, blast that punk rock and enjoy the road trip!

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48 hours in . . . Valletta, an insider guide to Malta’s master of reinvention

Europe’s tiniest capital, surrounded by sea and 16th-century bastion walls, has an enduring charm all of its own. A Unesco World Heritage site steeped in history, Valletta is in the midst of a 21st-century revitalisation. It has emerged from its year as 2018 European Capital of Culture with more hotels, restaurants and historic treasures than ever before – and there are still more to come.

Valletta has an extraordinary density of sights and activities too: from 5,000-year-old ‘Fat Lady’ statues, to the ornate Baroque legacy of the Knights of St John; from Bastion-top gardens to boat trips on the Grand Harbour. And it isn’t all ancient. There’s also the City Gate redevelopment, designed by star architect Renzo Piano of London’s Shard fame.

Buzzing bars spill out onto the city’s limestone alleys, concerts frequently grace its copious churches, and the restaurant scene serves the best bites in Malta. And of course, it’s only a short ride to the beach…

Source: 48 hours in . . . Valletta, an insider guide to Malta’s master of reinvention

5 best places to visit in Italy which will make you fall in love

“Travel brings love and power back into your life” – Rumi

It is a very well known fact that travel does bring about a change in our mindsets. It brings in a much needed psychological change which helps us in becoming alive. Be it a broken heart, a much in love couple, someone wanting to explore, girls heading out to set major #BFFGoals or for any regular person who is looking for a break; travel fits the bill in every possible situation.

While traveling on a budget in Asia is an easy drill, Europe tends to get a little heavier on our pocket. However, the experience is worth the money shelled out. Europe has legit being through a lot. Be it the breath-takingly stunning scenic beauty, classic and vintage architecture or their “to-die for” food and culture, Europe sits on top for its elitist vibe.

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10 world’s most popular cruise destinations

The website Cruise Cruise has come out with its annual destination awards for 2019. The overall winner? A river port city in Europe.

Avignon, in France’s Provence region, was named most popular cruise destination of the year, according to Cruise Critic’s fourth annual Cruisers’ Choice destination awards, which published Wednesday. (Avignon was also named best European river cruise destination.)
Bora Bora came in second place; Glacier Bay, Alaska in third place; Vienna, Austria in fourth place; Singapore in fifth place; and Kirkwall, Scotland in sixth place.
“For most travelers, the decision of where to cruise is made before they think about all the other pieces of the cruise planning process,” said Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, in a statement.

Source: Sail away: These are the world’s most popular cruise destinations

10 Cute Australian Animals To See That Aren’t Koalas

One of the first images that come to mind when foreigners travel to Australia is the furry face of the koala. Arguably the most iconic animal Down Under (alongside the kangaroo), the koala is certainly cute, but there are plenty of other darling Australian animals to look out for when you arrive.

Australia is also home to a wide variety of animals that aren’t so cute, and are even a little dangerous. It’s good to know that, while venturing throughout the country, you might also come across some creatures that are friendly and cuddly.

Keep reading to find out what 10 cute Aussie animals you should see, that aren’t koalas.

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10 Most Instagrammable Locations In Russia

Russia is a dream destination for many travelers. The vast country is full of fascinating history showcased through museums and ancient buildings, stunning architecture, and gorgeous natural landscape that takes your breath away. It’s hard to narrow down the most beautiful locations within the country that will give you plenty of opportunities to get a good Instagram shot, but we’ve managed to single out a few unmissable highlights.

Visit these locations for some of the most phenomenal scenery you’ve ever seen, experiences that only come along once in a lifetime, and adventures that you’ll remember forever.

Check out our list of the 10 most Instagrammable locations in Russia!

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